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Coffee at breakfast (from Sunday morning) @ The Griddle Cafe on Sunset (WeHo)

Even though I didn’t go to bed until about 3:30am on Saturday night, I woke
up at 6:30 on Sunday morning so I could be ready to go to breakfast with
Yoshi, YoshiDad, and YoshiMom in the morning. We ended up at The Griddle
Cafe, where I’d never been before.

I’m not usually a coffee drinker, but the week’s worth of major sleep
deprivation (worse than usual) caught up with me. I liked how their coffee
is served via French press!

Speaking of coffee, I got called out by a client on Friday after completing
an early morning conference call/presentation I’d made. "No more coffee for
you!" he teased. (He says I’m way too perky and am going way too fast for
these early morning calls, knowing that I’m 3 hours behind on the West
Coast.) The funny thing is that I hadn’t even HAD coffee prior to any of
the calls I’d made with him. "Ok, no coffee this weekend," I promised,
totally intending to keep it. Who knew I was going to need coffee to stay
awake on a Sunday (versus during the week after all those sleepness

(I had attempted to moblog this while waiting for our breakfast to be served
but then something happened to my phone and everything I had pecked out
disappeared… doh!)

A Conversation w/ Mike Shinoda @JANM. More to come @8Asians

Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park opens a new art exhibition at JANM.

This Conversation is a members only event.

This exclusive program is one of the benefits of membership at JANM.

The Democracy Forum
Japanese American National Museum
Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA

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Our new washing machine’s first load!

Does that make it the "mother-load?!"

In all seriousness, I am so happy we can do laundry at home again.
Thanks to Yoshi for putting up with 4 months of laundromat runs!


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In my ratty pink shirt at home

It’s my favorite shirt for wearing around the house.

What I’m not revealing in the photo: all the years of food stains, rips & tears.

This shirt is affectionately referred to as my “belly button” shirt because as soon as I bought it there was a tiny little hole in the belly button area. Of course, the hole got bigger over time and then I couldn’t resist sticking my finger in the hole and stretching it out. (Hey! No dirty comments about me sticking my finger in my hole!)

Now, when I’m wearing my black yoga pants and wearing the shirt over it, the hole totally looks like a belly button for real!

Yoshi hates this shirt, but I love it and won’t throw it away until I can’t wear it anymore.


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I’m at my dentist’s office… In the dentist’s chair!

Smiling, even!

Toluca Lake, CA

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Farewell Senator Ted Kennedy

Watching the service at the dentist’s office.

Toluca Lake, CA

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Asian American groups protest THE GOODS: hate crimes are not funny

As reported by Angry Asian Man and also by 8Asians, various Asian American groups protested The Goods for its "Pearl Harbor" scene which depicts Ken Jeong’s character getting attacked by fellow auto salesmen for looking Japanese.

In addition to using this particular scene in the trailer, Paramount Pictures released an unapologetic statement:

“We understand that when presented out of context, jokes and situations in the movie about a variety of topics might be offensive to some people,” it said in a statement.

“To be very clear, ‘The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard’ is in no way meant to be mean-spirited, disparaging or hurtful to any individuals and we regret any offense taken,” it said.

In other words, "A hate crime can be funny in the right context!"

I’d like to excerpt Ken Narasaki’s letter to Sumner M. Redstone (Executive Chairman of the Board & Founder of Viacom, Inc., which owns Paramount):

I’m writing to protest the disgusting depiction of a hate crime-as-humor in the film, the television trailers, and the online ads for THE GOODS. I know, I know, everyone keeps saying that "it’s a joke," "it’s satirical," "the film is intentionally offensive to many different kinds of people," but this is beyond hurt feelings and offended sensibilities – this is racist hatemongering disguised as humor. I’m assuming you’ve heard similar analogies, but I have to ask:
If those white car salesmen had beaten up a Jewish salesman "for killing Christ", and Jeremy Piven’s character egged them on by describing "the Kikes nailing our Savior to the cross", would you expect your Jewish audience to just take it as a joke? Especially if your company ran the clip as part of its ADVERTISING on network TV? How about if Ken Jeong’s character was black and Jeremy Piven’s character urged the white salesmen to cover up their hate crime by saying he attacked them with a spear? Can you imagine your African American audience sitting still for that one?

…I have a personal incident to share with you: On December 7, 1991, the 50th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, it was impossible not to see the footage of the bombing, playing over and over on all media outlets. Fair enough, it was the Day that will live in Infamy. It didn’t matter that my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles were all put into concentration camps as a result; it didn’t matter that my father fought in Europe as part of the famed segregated Japanese American fighting unit, the 442nd: Someone decided to commemorate that day by throwing a brick through my front window. The brick and the glass landed on my then baby daughter’s changing table. Luckily for us, we were not at home at the time.

I’ve seen Paramount’s incredibly lame non-apology, and I, for one, am sick to death of Asian bashing masquerading as humor, and ask that you, in your capacity of Executive Chairman of Viacom, demand that this scene, which laughs at the very idea of hate crimes, be removed from the film and that Paramount Vantage issue a very real apology this time.

As I type this, MANAA and JACL, along with other community groups, are wrapping up the protest outside the front gates of Paramount Studios. When I stopped by about an hour ago to take some snapshots, Friday night traffic was at a peak and cars (including mine) honked their horns in support of the protesters.

Help me name my new drink invention!

Start with frozen fresh blueberries. Add sparkling soda or spritzer!
(Optional: add booze after you add the blueberries)

Yoshi says I should macerate the blueberries. That sounds gross to me.

I liked how the blueberries float to the top and turned all frosty.

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Post @18MMW show dinner at The Waffle with @Moye

You can’t tell but my waffles are really the "bread" of a breakfast
sandwich: eggs, sausage, and cheese between waffles!

Those are Moye’s fingers going at the dip.

The Waffle
Hollywood, CA

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The Sparks beat the Lynx 78-63

I was too tired to enjoy most of the game though.

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On the floor at the Staples Center as “Entertainment” w/ @VoxFeminaLA

Dressing like Vox has its perks! Floor seats while they sing the
national anthem before the Sparks game!

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Not sure if it’ll stick, but ordering a Tiger Woods instead of an Arnold Palmer?

nah! Lemonade and iced tea is an Arnold Palmer!

What do you expect from a place that has a DESIGNER WATER SECTION of
their menu!?

Newsroom Cafe
WeHo, CA

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112 degrees outside?!

It’s dropping slowly. Now says 109 but when we got in the car it said

Santa Nella, CA

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Pea soup!

Pea soup!, originally uploaded by !!! :: jozjozjoz :: !!!.

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Stopped in Santa Nella for some Pea Soup! Andersen’s

Never been here so I must try the Traveler’s Special

Pea Soup Andersen’s
Santa Nella, CA

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Awesome toasts… Now it’s cake time!


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The beautiful wedding cake

Cut it already!

I want me some cake!!!

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Or steak?

Or steak?, originally uploaded by !!! :: jozjozjoz :: !!!.

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Salmon?, originally uploaded by !!! :: jozjozjoz :: !!!.

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Salad!, originally uploaded by !!! :: jozjozjoz :: !!!.

Yum! Hungry!

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Such cute wedding favors!

Lovely outdoor wedding but glad to be indoors for the reception.

Table 26!

Hyatt Regency Sacramento
Sacramento, CA

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Ready for the wedding

Waiting for everyone else to be ready. How did I finish first?!

Hyatt Regency
Sacramento, CA

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Wing Pang: Conan O’Brien’s “Favorite Person Ever”

UPDATE 2/11/2010: Since the post was made, Coco has bid his adieu to NBC. That also means the NBC removed the Wing Pang video and the links I had previously made to their show site. Fear not, Team Coco! I have inserted a new video!

This video (Conan Visits The NBC Store from 08/07/09) has been circulating our office and been cracking us up for days. I think I’ve seen it five times and I still bust up every time I see it.

The thing is, I’ve totally been in that store. I was on the Lot when they were still constructing Conan’s soundstage. And I’ve met Wing Pang. We were in the same meetings during the early phases of a project my company was doing at NBCU about a year ago — which makes it all the more funny to my coworkers who have met him and worked with him throughout this project, too.

Seeing someone I know Conan is not only kind of weird, but kind of cool. It would be a stretch to call Wing a “friend” since I only worked with him for a few weeks, but I can tell you that what you see is what you get with Wing. He’s not acting and really is just like that. I don’t know how I’d do if Conan suddenly showed up with a camera crew asking me about my lunch — I’m guessing I’d get really nervous and worry about my hair looks on TV — but I think Wing was funny, genuine, and definitely held his own with the new host of the Tonight Show. And to put it in context… that crack at the end about “Facebox” wasn’t Wing being dumb or anything. It was actually a jab at Conan for a mistake he had made earlier in the show (see Conan’s reaction).

But I guess I’m not the only one who thinks Wing is hilarious. Patrick Sauter at the Daily Tube says:

Wing Pang needs to become part of the Tonight Show’s merry band of idiots. Sooner than later. He’s got a sarcastic potty mouth, loves discount chicken, and drops the kind of idiosynchratic[sic] bon mots that meld perfectly with Conan’s workaday weirdness.

Exhbit[sic] A: “I have no reason to hate Santa.”

Wing Pang, coming to a profile in Facebox near you.

So anyway, to “Wing Like Chicken Wing,” who is probably too famous now to take my calls or read my emails: I hope to see you again as a recurring friend of Conan’s on his show! Maybe if your bodyguards will let people near you, Moye and I would each like to get your autograph. Please sign them to “Joz like Jaws” and “Moye like Annoy.” Thanks!

Joz back from the Yelp Elite event at Spa Luce

Thanks to Andrea for being my date and having such scintillating
conversations that I forgot to make sure to get our photos taken out
by the rooftop pool!

Thanks to the LA Yelp crew for putting on such a fine event! Free
food from Wolfgang Puck’s Vert Brasserie, cocktails, and awesome
people! Like
Tony C, Jacqueline C, Dustin P, Senna, Dawson, Jackie and more!

Just bummed that we were giftbag-less because we stayed until the end
(some people took more than 1! How rude!) and headed to the afterparty
at the Wine Bar downstairs.

Home, but taken after event at Spa Luce at Hollywood & Highland
Hollywood, CA

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Belated but not forgotten Ba-Ba Day

Originally written 8/8/07 and accidentally posted to 8Asians:

8/8 (Eight-Eight in Mandarin is pronounced “ba-ba.” Father in Mandarin is also pronounced “ba-ba”) is Father’s Day in Taiwan. Even though we refer to him as “Dad” in English, 95% of the time, we called him “Ba-Ba.” Usually, my Dad would be in Taiwan at this time of year, so I would have to remember to call him on 8/7 so I could wish him a happy Ba-Ba Day on the right day.

Happy Ba-Ba Day, Dad.

We miss you.

Dad & Joz - 10-04-2007

I originally couldn’t remember where this picture was taken. I knew that it was taken on October 7, 2004, and thanks to my blog, I was able to go back figure out the context of this photo. I think this was taken in Rowland Heights, just before my Dad was going to get on to a shuttle bus that would have taken him to LAX to board a flight back to Taiwan.

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