Hello Kitty Hell: Hello Kitty Tasers, Hondas, Condom Keepers, and More

Hello Kitty is an oft-blogged about topic at 8Asians because HK is emblazoned on all things imaginable. We’ve already covered Hello Kitty Mac cosmetics, Hello Kitty as a model for Christian Dior, and Hello Kitty as an MMORPG.

Let me introduce you to Hello Kitty Hell, a blog dedicated to chronicling one man’s life in cute overload. I’d actually seen this site a couple of years ago, but with years of content built up now, you can spend a lot of time surfing the insanity of Hello Kitty crapola.

As mentioned, Hello Kitty Tasers, Hello Kitty Hondas, and Hello Kitty Condom Keepers are just a taste of what you can find on this site.

But beware, Hello Kitty fans! If you’re actually looking to purchase or find items that you see on this site, this is not the place to go! Not only is this guy not willing to help you find what you’re looking for, he’s even got a snarky message for those “whiners” who are mad at him for not helping in their HK searches!

I say that If you are a true Hello Kitty fan, you’ll be able to find this stuff without his help! Bonus points if you are wearing Hello Kitty underwear and eating Hello Kitty Canned Ramen!

(The words “Hello Kitty” were used 14 times above, not counting abbreviations of “HK”! A record, I think!)

h/t: MJ

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