It says “Roaster Fries” but that’s not what they really are.

Do you know what they are?!

168 Market
Alhambra, CA

Pecked out on my iPhone. Sorry for any typos.

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10 Responses to “It says “Roaster Fries” but that’s not what they really are.”

  • They look like kidneys to me…but why would someone eat that many kidneys?

  • Either it’s kidney, or it’s balls.

    Ditto. And is that a piece of fat trailing off from the “sausage” or a ureter?

  • What are those?

  • my guess would be testicles! yummy….?!?

  • Yeah, they are “Rooster Fries” == rooster testicles. The ones from cows are called “Calf Fries”.

  • I think they mean rooster fries which are rooster gonads. And that is what that looks like in the picture. They are supposed to be a tasty snack when fried and in some Asian and southern U.S. cultures are considered a delicacy. I am not going to even consider trying it.

  • Oh, I know what they are. I’m guessing that’s supposed to say “rooster.” I just bought some bull fries from the bison lady at the farmer’s market. (Yes, I am vegetarian. I really like my husband, and he likes rocky mountain oysters.)

  • Grams made this all the time when I was a kid because I LOVED them. Yes, they be cluckin’ gonads, but I don’t care.

  • Hey’ya;

    Fried “rooster nuts” were a bonus at our ole family reunions. Nothing fancy, just good eating. Along with fried okra, and barbequed goat (stew meat). Or, even, some cillie made with a pound of ground goat (kid), a pound of ground deer, & a pound of ground lamb.

    If you love them cheapie burgers you buy at the (alledged) cut-rate store (Save-A-Lot, Walmart, Buy-Rite, Buy-Low, Aldi’s, Pigly Wigly, ect…)… then DO-NOT read the ingredients lable!!! Or Rooster Testicules, may sound a whole lot better to you.

    Are there any retail sources for Rooster-testicles in the southern IL/IN areas? If so, I honestly would like to know of them. Our local chicken processing plant closed many years ago, and have no store to get them at.

    Thanks for any honest, non-smart-a**, responces, that are helpfull.


  • They are rooster fries. they are delish. Where did you find these? do they ship?

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