Another KFC FAIL: Kentucky Grilled Chicken commercial with two Asian guys wearing kamikaze* headbands and looking all stupid

Wow, first the Oprah/Kentucky Grilled Chicken coupon fiasco, and now this!

KFC is screwing up royally with their promotions for KGC.

With regard to the commercial shown above, everyone else in the commercial is dressed all normally, but why are the Asian guys the only ones dressed all stupid and fighting about chicken while speaking in dumb accents? What are the guys even saying at the end?

Thanks for uploading the video, John… If people start saying “What’s wrong with this?! Asians DO sometimes wear Kamikaze headbands and argue about chicken,” I will punch them in the neck.

Maybe these guys are actually fighting about KFG?!

*Ok, I know they are not really kamikaze headbands and I definitely know they are not in martial arts clothes. I can tell they are supposed to be Japanese cooks. But these guys make no sense and are totally out of context. (Moye says the headband is called “hachimaki.” I still say that most Americans know those things as the headbands worn by kamikaze pilots. Or by Daniel-san in Karate Kid.)

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23 Responses to “Another KFC FAIL: Kentucky Grilled Chicken commercial with two Asian guys wearing kamikaze* headbands and looking all stupid”

  • i know, WTF?! i just saw this commercial and thought the exact things you did. so embarrassing. why DO they have to be the only ones dressed in their “national dress”? the black girls aren’t wearing tribal garb! yet another reason not to eat KFC.

  • just when we thought we were out- we pull ourselves riiiiight back in. we really can’t put all of the blame on KFC- there will always be ignorance from other cultures, we really should blame ourselves. more precisely, we have these two idiots in the commercial to blame. it was probably $200-300 to be in this ad- very little money to humiliate your own race.

    i do have this to say towards KFC, though: what the hell does chicken fried in Kentucky have anything to do with Japanese cooks?

  • that’s totally f-ed up!!!

  • Hey I’m an african american and been wondering who in the h*ll thought this was a good idea? I figured they’re supposed to be japanese cooks I guess. Why they have such ridic accents when everyone else is in normal wear, idunno. By normal I mean what I’m assumin is not their work wear cuz why would these guys dress like benihana cooks for fun? This was a dumb and disrespectful ad.

  • im caucasian and im my father moved here from puerto rico if this means anything. I think that part is hilarious i understand how it might be offensive and i was surprised to see that kind of humor used but then again its only intended to be funny i thinks more harmless than not

  • Ok they may be japanese cooks thats understandable. But to have them dressed in the stereotypical outfit, have exaggerated accents, and dance around with the buckets of chicken is completely degrading. Yet another reason why KFC just fails in general.

  • I saw this as well. I will never eat at a KFC or Yum Brands (Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Long John Silver’s) restaurant ever again.

    All I can do is vote with my wallet, nothing more.


  • You are all a bunch of whiny douche bags. Apparently you are all racist being you seem to have a small problem about the smallest of things. When I saw it, I laughed my a$$ off. But yeah, I am a little racist but I didn’t think anything bad about them, it was just funny.

  • I didnt think about it in a racist manner, I just dont understand what Japanese guys have to do with grilled KFC chicken. I am not making the association.

  • are you kidding?! i love the asians in this video!

  • I’m not usually one to remark on racial insensitivity. I didnt even have a problem with the Six Flags “One Flag” Japanese man. But I can not figure out why they had the Japanese guys dress up. They wouldve been just fine doing the exact same thing if they had been in jeans and tshirts. What was the point???

  • “Chicken!!!” That yummy chicken really got those Kamikazes fired up for battle.

    I always wonder why KFC never show red-headed, missing-tooth backwater hayseeds in their ads as well.

  • Oh come on people. Even if it were racially motivated, the only way things like that have power is if we let it. Let’s just take it for what it is, a funny part of a commercial. Laugh people it’s not healthy to overanalyze a simple commercial like this. How many other commercials have completely off-the-wall parts in them? I don’t see any comments on them! Just let it go and laugh your A$$ off at the “CHIIIKKKEENN”! ha ha ha

  • Response to Funny

    I think Funny needs to share his or her race with us, so we can make a joke out of it over and over again for the next 30 years, and see how he or she feels. What is most pathetic about Funny’s comment and some of the others on this site is that people cannot see the connections between a manifestation of racial stereotypes like this and all of the negative consequences that those stereotypes cause in society.

  • roflmao every time he says chickennn!!! xD
    I don’t see whats wrong with the video.
    I just thought it was funny

  • I also love the “chickennnn” part, but I’m still trying to figure out what they say at the end of the commercial – the best I can come up with is, “Now we can have bone” but that doesn’t make any sense to me… anyone?

  • I think the consensus was that they’re saying “Now we can have BOTH.” But you’re right… I had NO IDEA what they were saying for the longest time!

  • okay, one, im asian, yet im not offended by this…
    and two, i think this is hilarious!
    yea, it didnt make much sense to put random japanese guys, but it was entertaining

  • Hey, also Asian and found the commercial pretty damn funny, but in a real perverse way. I’m giving KFC credit. Either they are jaw droppingly unaware of the stereotype, or they’re so post-modern, as to go waay over the top with their depictions of the Benihana chefs. Waiting for the next series with the rapping Rabbi. Now I understand how my African-American friends feel when they see Flava Flav– “booiiiiiiiiiiie”

  • They’re probably Asian American….

  • Because we all know the stereotype, Asians love fried chicken.

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