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Another KFC FAIL: Kentucky Grilled Chicken commercial with two Asian guys wearing kamikaze* headbands and looking all stupid

Wow, first the Oprah/Kentucky Grilled Chicken coupon fiasco, and now this!

KFC is screwing up royally with their promotions for KGC.

With regard to the commercial shown above, everyone else in the commercial is dressed all normally, but why are the Asian guys the only ones dressed all stupid and fighting about chicken while speaking in dumb accents? What are the guys even saying at the end?

Thanks for uploading the video, John… If people start saying “What’s wrong with this?! Asians DO sometimes wear Kamikaze headbands and argue about chicken,” I will punch them in the neck.

Maybe these guys are actually fighting about KFG?!

*Ok, I know they are not really kamikaze headbands and I definitely know they are not in martial arts clothes. I can tell they are supposed to be Japanese cooks. But these guys make no sense and are totally out of context. (Moye says the headband is called “hachimaki.” I still say that most Americans know those things as the headbands worn by kamikaze pilots. Or by Daniel-san in Karate Kid.)

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