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At The London WeHo for a cocktail party

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Weekly Twitter Updates through 2009-06-28

Side of balsamic braised Brussels Sprouts


Larchmont Grill
Los Angeles, CA

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Bolognese at Larchmont Grill

Kobe Beef Burger in the background

Larchmont Grill
Los Angeles, CA

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Three years passes quickly…

I miss my Daddy an extra lot today.

See: How do you start a post like this?

Gyro Pizza at Papa Cristo’s

Freshly baked pizza on pita with FERA cheese and gyro! Dinner with
Jacqueline C. A warm welcome and visit from Chrys Chrys!

Papa Cristo’s Taverna
Los Angeles, CA

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Joz’s Taiwanese American weekend

Ok, that is a totally misleading title.

This is a little video that HoChie Tsai of put together of his trip to Hollywood & LA a week or two ago. He was nice enough to have me tag-along to a few of the events, so he got a few rare glimpses of Joz on video. in Hollywood & LA, 2009 from Taiwanese American on Vimeo.

Thanks, HoChie!

PS – Yes, I did say “chinky” but I was quoting my brother, who was expressing his frustration at the camera’s inability to detect his “chinky eyes.” (His words, not mine!)

AYCE KBBQ. Beef and pork galore!

Dinner with Dan D. Then Scoops afterward!

LA Family House
Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA

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Weekly Twitter Updates through 2009-06-21

  • Congrats to @Arngrim and the other honorees for their awards for their work for children at the @VoxFeminaLA concert tonight! #
  • Just got back from a nice post-concert Katsudon at Koraku in Little Tokyo with Yoshi & parents + @UsabilityCounts #
  • @krix NO! She’s not cute! She’s SUPER DUPER CUTE! in reply to krix #
  • @Timtwigg Stop that. No matter how much I want to, I can’t sleep all day! in reply to Timtwigg #
  • @christinachou Boo that you couldn’t make lunch. Rain check? (I mean, it WAS raining today) in reply to christinachou #
  • @AiYahhHowie But I was just there in Feb and even ran into Howie! in reply to AiYahhHowie #
  • Thirsty. Though I’m tempted, I will not have any booze. #
  • Tired. Bleary eyed. Wish we had another shower so I didn’t have to wait my turn. #
  • Whoever told me that I could catch up on sleep during the weekends was WRONG! Have an early breakfast in the morning. #
  • Weekly Twitter Updates through 2009-06-14 #
  • Do you REALLY think I’m still waiting for a shower? #
  • I’m not very nice when I’m this sleep-deprived. #
  • Breakfast at Pepe’s Galley with Yoshi’s folks, brother + his very pregnant wife. Next time, there will be baby in tow. #
  • Desperately need a nap, but I have to leave for an appt in 15 minutes. #
  • Passed out from exhaustion during the second half of the Lakers game. Yay Lakers. Sorry I was unconscious when we won! #
  • @annieisms Welcome home! in reply to annieisms #
  • Was on a Skype call w/ my Bro and my stupid computer rebooted itself. He thought I hung up on him. #
  • WTF is this giant pile of work on my desk still doing here? Oh right. Didn’t do it yet. *buries head in hands* #
  • @annieisms I’m no longer allowed to watch scary stuff on TV by my lonely selfs. I used to turn on all the lights in the house–energywaster! in reply to annieisms #
  • yelping… Scoops (5/5) on Yelp: Despite this year’s June Gloom, we are still heading into summer… w.. #
  • Scoops (5/5) #
  • On site at client… workin’ like mad! #
  • Building out a client’s intranet site & enjoyed naming a page Taipei, TAIWAN #
  • Getting sick of my phone reception problems. I hate having to repeat myself. #
  • Fair Warning: If you are not calling me to say/do something nice for me today, don’t bother calling me. It has been… #
  • @jmacstepback I was just in NYC like a month or two ago. Have fun! in reply to jmacstepback #
  • Still don’t know what Asian Pose I want to do, @jeewsuh. Maybe I’ll be inspired by you and @Moye! #
  • @iaincollins Glad you liked my Racist Camera picture! in reply to iaincollins #
  • I just saw @jeewsuh’s new profile photo for 8Asians… OMFG it’s adorable! #
  • ANNOUNCEMENT: The cutest 8Asian profile pic is officially @jeewsuh #
  • Tired. Nightmares all night. Yoshi said I was yelling, screaming, kicking and flailing all night. Sowwies! #
  • Being @moye’s hero makes this morning bearable. #
  • Mandatory “ergonomics training” session makes me suddenly realize that my back hurts constantly. Ignorance is… #
  • Passed “Ergonomics” test. #
  • Now: mandatory Sexual Harassment training- blaming the guy who repeatedly told ppl to “Eat a Bag of D!cks” in the office #
  • @mikebdoss Once might have been funny/easy to overlook. He said it repeatedly in mixed company. Whatever. I’m not the one who complained. in reply to mikebdoss #
  • I feel like this training video is sexually harassing me! It’s making me uncomfortable! #
  • Reminder to self: go to post office today #
  • @annieisms OH NO! Did you get a parking ticket? in reply to annieisms #
  • “Buy Gifts for Dad” spam messages make me sad. #
  • It says “Roaster Fries” but that’s not what they really are. #
  • It says “Roaster Fries” but that’s not what they really are. [pic] #
  • My Mom keeps calling and screaming at me. This is getting old. #
  • @nabine Yes, some guy was saying that @ the office. The training’s mandatory every year and has nothing to do w/ him. But I still blame him. in reply to nabine #
  • @vlbulli Not buying testicles… just photographing and posting them! (They are ROOSTER testicles!) in reply to vlbulli #
  • 8 Questions for Bang-yao Liu, the creator of DEADLINE (Post-It Animation piece) #
  • So much to do. #
  • Lying in bed but keep thinking of things to add to my TO DO list. Sigh. #
  • Heading out to the movies with @MykalBurns. Riding in the Mykal Mobile! #
  • Had a lovely evening w/ @MykalBurns/ Movie (Away We Go) + RockBand + pizza + SportsCenter + Star Trek/Christie’s Auction Documentary + Glee! #
  • Freaky Japanese Weight Loss “Boneless Belt” Makes You Look Worse Than Being a Fatty #
  • Soooo incredibly tired but soooo wide awake. This sucks. #
  • @scrivener I’d have helped you eat those. Why do you live so far away again?! in reply to scrivener #
  • I’ve been up for 3 hours. Can’t say I slept for the 2 hours I was in bed, except I had weird dreams. Or maybe they were just hallucinations? #
  • I just realized that I haven’t eaten breakfast or lunch yet. #
  • @CYSL Leftovers! in reply to CYSL #
  • Loading…. slow… gah… #
  • Yum, KBBQ! #
  • Haha. Someone just asked me if I lived in a gay apartment complex. Must be the oontz-oontz music from upstairs. :P #
  • I smell like KBBQ #
  • The Green Dam Youth Escort: Not an Environmentalist “Dating” Service for Young People. #
  • Took a shower so I don’t reek of KBBQ anymore. Oh and HELLO iPhone OS 3.0. Hi there cut and paste, I haven’t seen you funce 2004 it seems. #
  • Funce=since. Stupid auto correct could be a little better still. It is smart enough to recognize for instead of “fir” now. #
  • Oh so fun to be referred to as one of the “guys” at work. The joy of always being the only woman in the room. #
  • Just got a wrong # from some French guy: “Parlez-vous Francais?” Me: “Non!” Him: “Parlez-vous Francais?” Me: “Still… #
  • Got wrong # from French guy:”Parlez-vous Francais?” Me:”Non!” Him:”Parlez-vous Francais?” Me:”Still Non!” #
  • Minus cool points for Kogi: RT @kogibbq: WHY IS EVERYBODY GOING GREEN??!!!11oneone MADNESS!!! #
  • How lame do you have to be to steal a wheelchair?* #
  • @moye Girl, I HAVE like 3 dozen eggs! Come over! in reply to moye #
  • Getting phone calls like crazy. It’s 10pm! #
  • haha. Steve Jobs Had Liver… and onions! #
  • haha. RT @jlr1971 Steve Jobs Had Liver. It was offal. #
  • @stkyrice Sweet dreams, Efi! in reply to stkyrice #
  • Lying in bed. Wish there was hot water for a shower. #
  • My friend is trying to convince me to fly to Vegas for a day to play golf. #
  • @petershin too many people in the house. All used up. in reply to petershin #
  • @Lotay Resistance is futile. in reply to Lotay #
  • Friend still trying to convince me to catch a flight to Vegas today. #
  • No go on Vegas. Staying in town to await the arrival of The Golden Child. TGC has arrived but the grandparents are not allowed to visit. #
  • Yoshi’s first nephew has arrived. I’m an Auntie again. Kind of. #
  • Yoshi’s parents are with us instead of w/ their first grandchild. Trying to keep cheery. I know that they’d rather be at the hospital. #
  • Haha. Waiting on info for baby no name. He’s in NICU and Y’s Mom keeps saying “nic-nu”. I said “Knick-nack?” & suggested Tchotchke as name. #
  • Sigh #
  • Oh, we’re allowed to see the baby now? #
  • Oh, we’re allowed to see the baby now? If we bring food? #
  • Heading to the hospital shortly to see new baby Tchotchke! #
  • I DID IT! #
  • Yet Another Reason You Shouldn’t Drink Too Much: Video Evidence of Drunkeness #
  • @pfunn Why do you add the snakeoil salesfolk in the first place?! #
  • The parental units are hungry. Waiting for a table at Hide Sushi on Sawtelle #
  • @pfunn ahh. Good point. The bait and switch. I do block pretty liberally when I see stuff like that tho. #
  • @kermalou more like hee-deh but yeah. Love this place. So does everyone else, evidently. My friend’s teenage daughter used to waitress here. in reply to kermalou #
  • I hate clueless ppl who are so immersed in convo that they don’t realize they’re blocking the walkway. #
  • Why are people surprised there’s a wait at Hide Sushi on Saturday night? #
  • By same token, why are people lollygagging around after finishing their meals at Hide Sushi on a Saturday night? Rude! #
  • Rude old lady is trolling tables to see who’s almost done eating. Walked into waitress who spilled cold beer down a guy’s back->free shirt! #
  • Guy changed into his new Hide Sushi shirt and came to our table, asking if there was anything else he could get for our table. Cute! #
  • Chirashi at Hide Sushi #
  • Chirashi at Hide Sushi [pic] #

Chirashi at Hide Sushi

West LA/Sawtelle, CA

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It says “Roaster Fries” but that’s not what they really are.

Do you know what they are?!

168 Market
Alhambra, CA

Pecked out on my iPhone. Sorry for any typos.

Weekly Twitter Updates through 2009-06-14

DEADLINE: Stop Motion Animation with Post-Its by Bang-Yao Liu

This has been making the rounds (including shout-outs from Ashton Kutcher on Twitter), but I love it so much I’ve watched it three times and still feed the need to share it.

Made by Bang-yao Liu, a Taiwanese student at Savannah College of Art and Design as his senior project, it took 3 months of planning, 4 days of shooting, and over 6000 post-it notes. Wanna go behind the scenes? See the equally fascinating “Making of” video below!

UPDATE: Coming soon! An exclusive 8Asians “8 Questions” interview with Bang-yao Liu!

Weekly Twitter Updates through 2009-06-07

  • Back in the hotel room. Because I’m too old to hang with the 21 year old cousins. #
  • OMG. My Mom just got back. She went DANCING! I’m older thatn my mom *buries head in hands* #
  • OMG. My Mom just got back. She went DANCING! I’m older than my mom *buries head in hands* #
  • Ok, I’m officially a loser. I’m sitting here at my laptop and my Mom has showered, changed and is HEADING OUT FOR… #
  • Daniel Henney in new CBS Series “Three Rivers” #
  • Weekly Twitter Updates through 2009-05-31 #
  • Impromptu family reunion at Bellagio Buffet. Now checking out The M. #
  • Look what I did to $100 in 15 minutes! #
  • Look what I did to $100 in 15 minutes! [pic] #
  • Gold Strike: Where I turned $6 into $75 after about 30 seconds. #
  • Gold Strike: Where I turned $6 into $75 after about 30 seconds. [pic] #
  • Back home from Vegas! #
  • @hochie71 Lunch in LA will definitely be on me! Just let me know the date! in reply to hochie71 #
  • @TheKrewe Nope, not blackjack; dollar slots! Thx for the help w/ buffet prices last night. I was able to coordinate remotely w/ your help! in reply to TheKrewe #
  • I hate that our washing machine is broken. I really want to wash all my smoky smelling clothes NOW. #
  • So many good memories on this Vegas trip. Thx to my Uncle T & Auntie E! Also, many photos w/ Mom’s Racist Camera:… #
  • Another KFC FAIL: Kentucky Grilled Chicken commercial with two Asian guys wearing kamikaze headbands and looking all… #
  • My stupid wifi keeps going down. Sorry. #
  • This girl’s graudation photo proofs got misdirected to me & I looked her up on FB to send her a note. She probably… #
  • Some girl’s grad photo proofs got sent to me. Went on FB to send her a note.She prob thinks I’m a stalker. #
  • Txt from ProfEric: We have just voted you as the next supreme court nominee. Congrats. #
  • @joscie har har! I love a hooking good pun! in reply to joscie #
  • Getting ready to head out to the movies. Going to see UP!!! (Thank you AMC Theatres!) #
  • @Neilochka sorry we missed each other in Vegas! in reply to Neilochka #
  • @gwenbell Check with @jenny8lee My understanding is that her middle name is written out “Eight” on her official docs. in reply to gwenbell #
  • Idiot lady with her hazards on Franklin just west of Gower; waiting for someone to come outside. #inappropriate waiting area #
  • @Moye Yoshi wants to know if you talk during movies. You are being evaluated as a potential movie-going companion. Hope B doesn’t mind! #
  • ellen-showjoz [pic] #
  • @sophielynette considering that this is you, I say +10 points! in reply to sophielynette #
  • @cysl I dislike the Ikea POANG chair, but I always have the uncontrollable urge to say, “Poaaaannnnggg!” in reply to cysl #
  • I really enjoyed “UP!” Pixar does it again! #
  • Yoshi is making fun of me b/c I like to study up on movies after I’ve watched them. Getting called “nerdly.” #
  • OMG! Friend txt’d this a.m. that his plane made an emergency landing in Waterloo, IA. Now see AP photo of him… #
  • We sent him the link to the photo and he called us from Waterloo, IA. Still stranded there. #
  • For the record, my friend is OK! (He was on NWA flight that emergency landed in Waterloo, IA) #
  • I love that the Mayor of Waterloo, IA greeted passengers of the NWA flight w/ food & drink + arranged trip to local… #
  • Seeking budding videographer to cover two 2 hr events in BH on Friday night in exchange for free merchandise…. #
  • Wow. Did I just hear thunder? #
  • Hitting the road. Preparing myself for traffic. Self: There will be traffic. #
  • Lovely impromptu get together with @courtneyp! Thanks for coming with to Scoops and for indulging me in a random nightime LA driving tour! #
  • Work laptop went kablooie. Actually, just MS Office and anything that ties into it… grrrr. #
  • Another long day. Love the Santa Barbara client and project; don’t like how tired I am afterwards. #
  • Seriously: SoGasGas your website sux. Want to pay bill but can’t login. Grrrr! #
  • We’re fine, but I love the fire department. (Better safe than sorry.) #
  • Head hurts. From the smoke, sirens, and stress. (Everything is fine. Everything is fine. Everything is fine… Ohmmmmmm…) #
  • Trying to cure headache with Scoops ice cream. White chocolate mint and peanut butter dulce de leche. No fruity flavors for me today! #
  • I’m not telling my fire story. The people I told it to think it’s funny. And fire is NOT FUNNY, people. #
  • So cute. Upstairs neighbor is listening to 40s music… he’s singing and dancing to it! (We can hear him!) #

Another KFC FAIL: Kentucky Grilled Chicken commercial with two Asian guys wearing kamikaze* headbands and looking all stupid

Wow, first the Oprah/Kentucky Grilled Chicken coupon fiasco, and now this!

KFC is screwing up royally with their promotions for KGC.

With regard to the commercial shown above, everyone else in the commercial is dressed all normally, but why are the Asian guys the only ones dressed all stupid and fighting about chicken while speaking in dumb accents? What are the guys even saying at the end?

Thanks for uploading the video, John… If people start saying “What’s wrong with this?! Asians DO sometimes wear Kamikaze headbands and argue about chicken,” I will punch them in the neck.

Maybe these guys are actually fighting about KFG?!

*Ok, I know they are not really kamikaze headbands and I definitely know they are not in martial arts clothes. I can tell they are supposed to be Japanese cooks. But these guys make no sense and are totally out of context. (Moye says the headband is called “hachimaki.” I still say that most Americans know those things as the headbands worn by kamikaze pilots. Or by Daniel-san in Karate Kid.)

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