Too bad I have no idea on how to cash in on my 15 minutes of internet fame

My awesome friends and family keep sending me links of where they are coming upon my now infamous “Racist Camera” picture.

My brother, who doesn’t read my blog and who refuses to join any/all social networks, sent me a link he saw on some tech site he reads. An old high school friend that I haven’t seen in decades (he is currently serving in military and is the Middle East) saw it on Gizmodo. My cousins have emailed me links, too. What’s really weird is that none of these people read my blog, not that there’s much to read these days.

Anyway, to answer the most asked questions:
1) Has Nikon attempted to contact me yet? Nope. I’m still waiting.
2) Do I really think the Nikon S630 is a “racist camera?” What do YOU think?!
3) Did you have any idea that your picture would be posted all over the place? No, and if I had, I wish I’d had a better plan as to how to use all the attention for good. Or at least get a couple of bucks out of the whole shebang.

Now, I’m off to take a shower and go to bed.

UPDATE: Wow, people who don’t know me seem to be getting the impression that I’m actually “unhappy” that I’m not “cashing in.” Or that I’m actually wanting tips on how to do so.

Longtime readers know that if I’d wanted to make $ on my blog, I’d have tried to a long time ago.

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