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Joz at the Angels game (with Mom and Bro)

Happy Mothers Day, Mom!

Go Angels!

Anaheim, CA

Pecked out on my iPhone. Sorry for any typos.

Weekly Twitter Updates through 2009-05-10

  • Had an awesome day with @Moye. Saw lots of old friends and met many new ones! Eating ice cream from Scoops and watching TV with Yoshi! #
  • Weekly Twitter Updates through 2009-05-03 http://ff.im/2xFb6 #
  • 4.29.09 http://ff.im/2A0ar #
  • The History of Communication http://ff.im/2A0at #
  • 3000th update! #
  • 70 year-old Buddhist monk Hua Chi has been praying in the same… http://ff.im/2A9Wz #
  • Oh my. WTF is Craig Sager wearing?! Orange pinstriped jacket w/ khaki pants?! To be fair, what pants would go better w/ that? #lakers #
  • @typefiend I just saw the Rockets logo on Ron’s crazy head. #lakers #rockets in reply to typefiend #
  • @typefiend Yes, I know! Sager’s wardrobe is so awful, it rocks! Did you see when the Women’s Olympic BBall team took him shopping in China? in reply to typefiend #
  • @typefiend Eat the head! in reply to typefiend #
  • @surfchik4jesus I loved your haupia! Nummy! in reply to surfchik4jesus #
  • It occurs to me that I haven’t Tweeted about Manny Pacquiao — my new neighbor! #
  • Omg! The blood! The sweat! Battier is making a mess! Ew! #lakers #rockets #
  • Hey! I have a headband like Sasha V’s!!! #lakers #
  • Oh yay. Close up with Sager’s bright orange jacket. That tie isn’t doing him any favors. #lakers #rockets #
  • @MykalBurns I don’t think they’ve moved into the new house. Looked empty last time I looked. Not that I’m stalking Pacquiao or anything. in reply to MykalBurns #
  • Eating the Mousse Chocolate Collection by Godiva… a gift from RonnTaylor when we met in NYC! THANK YOU, RONN! http://ff.im/2AvTb #
  • Eating the Mousse Chocolate Collection by Godiva… a gift from @RonnTaylor when we met in NYC! THANK YOU, RONN! http://ff.im/2Aw7z #
  • Laughing at my friend Todd who just IMed me “I need studs. king studs.” And he’s totally not gay. http://ff.im/2AwUh #
  • DAMN! Phil Jackson just schooled Craig Sager. lulz #lakers #rockets http://ff.im/2AxBJ #
  • @goddessEos If Craig Sager wore green pants, he’d look like a pumpkin. If he wore black pants, he’d look like Halloween. in reply to goddessEos #
  • @photojunkie I voted! http://icanhaz.com/hypercube in reply to photojunkie #
  • @j_lin Congrats on your first day at Google! in reply to j_lin #
  • Doh Lakers. http://ff.im/2AAk1 #
  • @JPhilipson I loved your Griffith Observatory pix! in reply to JPhilipson #
  • omg. I just found a photo album I put together when I was in 8th grade or so. Yikes http://ff.im/2ABxF #
  • Time’s fun when you’re having flies. http://ff.im/2BRPm #
  • Returned home from a lovely Cinco de Mayo dinner at Joyce & Jeff’s. They provided Mexican food; I brought… http://ff.im/2CXaM #
  • @mindykaling Congrats, Mindy! #
  • @MCHammer Between daily and hourly is “sun up” and “sun down!” in reply to MCHammer #
  • My stupid work phone/PDA keeps rebooting itself. Stupid Motorola Q! #
  • Downloading Windows Update to my work laptop… slow! http://ff.im/2EF6s #
  • What is up with the zillion phone calls today?! http://ff.im/2EL6x #
  • No-Miss Nail Polish Remover http://ff.im/2EQgo #
  • Hello Laker game announcer, geography lesson for you: the sun does not set over the San Gabriel Mountains. Try the Pacific Ocean. #
  • @typefiend @RealLamarOdom is “only” two miles from Staples! I want a loft tour, too! in reply to typefiend #
  • Dang Kobe! 15 points in the first quarter!? Rawk! #lakers #rockets #
  • Yoshi says “Sasha V puts too much gaur under his headband. It makes him look silly… I mean, headband notwithstanding.” hee! #
  • @zumadogg let me know when the blog is back! in reply to zumadogg #
  • Ate 4 mini Golden Oreo cookies: 70 calories! Worth it! #
  • @moye can’t wait for us to hit NYC at the same time! Glad you’ve arrived safely! in reply to moye #
  • My client meeting in Santa Barbara earlier today was canceled due to the fires. :( http://ff.im/2JCn6 #
  • Getting ready to attend the wedding if some distant relative I supposedly played with as a kid. #
  • People at this wedding that I know: me, my Bro, Mom and the father of the bride. Don’t even know the bride. #
  • I recognize another distant auntie. And this is Asian time to the extreme. Supposed to start at noon but it’s about to start. An hour late! #
  • Oh boy. Karaoke version of AT LAST being sung. Valiant effort but Etta James you are not! #
  • People are still arriving. More than an hour after the original start time. #
  • Reminder to self: this is why you can’t get eloped– because your family will force you to have a wedding ceremony for everyone anyway. #
  • Omg. Hilarious. The audio from the real estate seminar is piping into our room. The guy is talking about bankruptcies and foreclosures, etc. #
  • Singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to bride’s grandmother–92! How come Asians clap while singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY?! #
  • The bride and groom eloped 3 years ago to Vegas and had an Elvis wedding! They are showing the video. Weirdest “wedding” ever. #
  • This wedding i’m at today us the weirdest wedding ever. The elvis wedding actually seems kind of normal. #
  • My Mom would KILL me if I got married in Vegas without her. And had VIVA LAS VEGAS sung by Elvis as my recessional. #
  • They are showing video from the bride’s sonogram of their upcoming baby. Strange, strange wedding. #
  • No bottle openers to be found to open the bottles of sparkling apple cider. I’ve now opened two bottles via a fork. #howtoabusesilverware #
  • Clarification: Not only is the bride knocked up; they are also celebrating their 1st baby’s 1st bday here today, too. They eloped in 2006. #
  • If the groom’s father is following– for the record, this is a lovely event & I am simply reporting things as they happen. I’m not mocking. #
  • Wedding is over. One last note: if my caterer goes from table to table handing out cards like they did today, someone call the Tacky Police. #
  • Oh damn. Fire on the 105 #
  • Sirens. Fire truck, police car, ambulance. Westbound 105 between the 710 and 110. #
  • Not sure why I’m just showing up as just “Joz” in your chat windows instead of “jozjozjoz.” @scrivener says I’ve… http://ff.im/2L0qQ #
  • Annoyed. I have a outgoing voicemail where I ask people to leave me their #; lady says “you have my # since I called… http://ff.im/2L1PC #
  • WTH. Commercial for “your own personal vibrator” on the Travel Channel. What. http://ff.im/2L1X0 #
  • WTH. Commercial for “your own personal vibrator” on the Travel Channel. What. (Made by Trojan!) http://ff.im/2L243 #

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