Weekly Twitter Updates through 2009-05-03

  • Weekly Twitter Updates through 2009-04-26 http://ff.im/2n9sp #
  • @Neilochka Sent you a DM. Text me on my cell. in reply to Neilochka #
  • Time to be a tourist! [pic] http://ff.im/2ngsY #
  • Choir singing GOD BLESS AMERICA at the base of the Statue of Liberty. Feeling pretty patriotic at the moment. #
  • Taiwanese in America. Ellis Island Diversity Map Exhibit [pic] http://ff.im/2npoh #
  • Rock of Ages! [pic] http://ff.im/2nNSD #
  • Final day in NYC. Making plans for the day now! http://ff.im/2oC9W #
  • Driving through Central Park #
  • Until next time, Times Square! [pic] http://ff.im/2oTwq #
  • Check out this bad ass bike [pic] http://ff.im/2p3jD #
  • Sitting in a massage chair at PC Richard at Union Square. #
  • In the car to LGA. Thx to Chu @gracethespot for meeting up. New memory made: she got a 43lb A/C unit to Queens from Union Sq via subway! #
  • OMFG! I was supposed to be at JFK not LGA!!!!!!!!!! #
  • OMFG!!! I made it on my flight at JFK with time to spare! Took awesome cab ride from LGA -> JFK. #
  • Thanks to American Airlines customer service rep Ms E Glasgow who got me my boarding pass (canceled at LGA) so i could get on my flight! #
  • I couldn’t breathe because I was running so fast but I am catching my breath now!!! #
  • Thanks also to traffic gods for opening up the roads between LGA and JFK! Cabbie said it was amazingly clear of traffic! #
  • Sweeeeeeet! Wifi on this flight!!! #
  • Landed at LAX. Grateful that I made me flight so I didn’t have to spend the night at the airport or at some gross motel. #
  • 2:30am Pacific Time. Glad I napped a bit while on the plane because it’s 5:30am in NY. I love being showered & clean & lying in my own bed. #
  • Ok, I deserve it, but stop making fun of me for almost missing my flight back home! I made it, didn’t I?! http://ff.im/2qsAb #
  • Damn. Can I have a vacation from my vacation? I’m wiped out! http://ff.im/2qQOf #
  • Los Angeles API Heritage Month Giveaway: Asian American Arts Stimulus Package http://ff.im/2rieJ #
  • Wow. Just got complimented by a stranger about my hair even tho it is unwashed & unbrushed! #
  • May is API Heritage Month: “Asian American Arts Stimulus Package” giveaway http://ff.im/2s1PK #
  • My new haircut that I got in NYC [pic] http://ff.im/2t0Oh #
  • ProfEric had his appendix removed over the weekend; I’m working from his place so he has company while healing. http://ff.im/2tU2c #
  • The Prof is watching Martha Stewart’s show about pregnancy. He is fast becoming a maternity fashion expert! http://ff.im/2tXDR #
  • @JonathanRKnight I’ve been enjoying your Tweets! Astro Burger is the best! (The one on Melrose, yeah?!) in reply to JonathanRKnight #
  • @MCHammer Pocket Tweets are the best, esp if someone picks up the phone and tells you “Stop it!” (That’s happened to me several times) in reply to MCHammer #
  • One of the hot firemen in the elevator with me http://ff.im/2uKOC #
  • Paying a crapload of bills. I hate reality. http://ff.im/2uOuN #
  • Irish postcard from Burns! http://ff.im/2uTvL #
  • Bye bye hair! http://ff.im/2uZT0 #
  • Less than 2 hours left to enter the Asian American Arts Stimulus Package giveaway! http://tinyurl.com/ck6vf7 http://ff.im/2vhyn #
  • Less than 15 minutes left to enter the Asian American Arts Stimulus Package giveaway! http://tinyurl.com/ck6vf7 http://ff.im/2vpij #
  • About to close the Asian American Arts Stimulus Package giveaway! http://tinyurl.com/ck6vf7 http://ff.im/2vqAX #
  • I need three people to respond: Pick a # between 1 and 23 (could be 1 or 23) http://ff.im/2vrpm #
  • @disgrasian Thanks for the Asian American Arts Stimulus Package love!!! in reply to disgrasian #
  • Will be announcing the winner of the Asian American Arts Stimulus Package! http://ff.im/2vsmf #
  • Mmmmmmm! My mom made tiramisu and it is the yum! http://ff.im/2vuQn #
  • Announcing the Winner of the 8Asians Los Angeles Asian American Arts Stimulus Package http://ff.im/2vy5C #
  • Heading out on Friday night! (In my sweats to do laundry) http://ff.im/2w2W8 #
  • yelping… Scoops (5/5) on Yelp: Bad Joz! I got so busy that I am two updates behind on Scoops!

    Here’.. http://tinyurl.com/cjzcrv #

  • Scoops (5/5) http://ff.im/2wgf9 #
  • In Little Tokyo with @chriscorning and @Moye at the Imagined Futures Conference at JANM #
  • I love it! Conference is in Asian time. Waiting for the opening session to start. #
  • Just started, in attendance: George Takei, Parry Shen, and more #
  • George Takei about to give keynote; says he has no cameo in the upcoming STAR TREK movie. #imaginedfutures #
  • After dinner at Suehiro with @Moye am at Opening Night of Lodestone Theatre Ensemble’s TEN TO LIFE. #
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