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Gold Strike: Where I turned $6 into $75 after about 30 seconds.

That was a short stop.

Gold Strike Hotel & Gambling Hall
Jean, NV

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Look what I did to $100 in 15 minutes!

Wheel of Fortune $1 slots

(Actually, this was very close to being “Joz lost $100 in ten minutes at the slots!”)

The M
Henderson, NV

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Weekly Twitter Updates through 2009-05-31

T’s Birthday dinner at Gallagher’s

Apologies to the vegans.

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Hanging out in the suite

I took a short shower and then a long soak in the whirlpool tub.

Heading out to dinner now…

Didn’t we JUST eat?!

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Masses of humanity at the MGM Grand pools

As seen from the balcony of our suite. They are LOUD out there, too.

I guess that’s what people do during the hot Vegas days. It’s about 95
degrees out!

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The line at AMC Burbank 16 was much shorter. Now for X-Men Wolverine

Movie #3 today.

I watched the original MEN IN BLACK at home on TV. Then STAR TREK. Now

Is it funny that we went to a different theatre so we wouldn’t have to

AMC Burbank 16
Burbank, CA

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Line at the movies. Finally gonna see STAR TREK at 2:15!

I am guessing most of these folks are here for NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2,

AMC Burbank 6
Burbank, CA

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Weekly Twitter Updates through 2009-05-24

That’s it, I must now retire from Bejeweled Blitz!

I don’t think I will ever beat my own score of 196,600 in the 1:00 game of Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook.

I’m done!

Uploaded by !!! :: jozjozjoz :: !!! on 21 May 09, 10.11PM PDT.

Too bad I have no idea on how to cash in on my 15 minutes of internet fame

My awesome friends and family keep sending me links of where they are coming upon my now infamous “Racist Camera” picture.

My brother, who doesn’t read my blog and who refuses to join any/all social networks, sent me a link he saw on some tech site he reads. An old high school friend that I haven’t seen in decades (he is currently serving in military and is the Middle East) saw it on Gizmodo. My cousins have emailed me links, too. What’s really weird is that none of these people read my blog, not that there’s much to read these days.

Anyway, to answer the most asked questions:
1) Has Nikon attempted to contact me yet? Nope. I’m still waiting.
2) Do I really think the Nikon S630 is a “racist camera?” What do YOU think?!
3) Did you have any idea that your picture would be posted all over the place? No, and if I had, I wish I’d had a better plan as to how to use all the attention for good. Or at least get a couple of bucks out of the whole shebang.

Now, I’m off to take a shower and go to bed.

UPDATE: Wow, people who don’t know me seem to be getting the impression that I’m actually “unhappy” that I’m not “cashing in.” Or that I’m actually wanting tips on how to do so.

Longtime readers know that if I’d wanted to make $ on my blog, I’d have tried to a long time ago.

Weekly Twitter Updates through 2009-05-17

  • My upstairs neighbors are playing oontz-oontz music. So weird. (They’re an older couple) #
  • Wide awake at 4:30am! Must be in OC at 9am! How much sleep will I get?! #
  • Mom: I love you very much but PLEASE stop calling me right now! I am TRYING to get ready so I can come see you!!! Happy Mothers Day! #
  • Bro and I made breakfast for Mom and now are at Anaheim Stadium. Mom playing w/ new digital camera. Go Angels! Yay free tote bag! #
  • Play ball! Mom is telling us how we ate cotton candy as kids; it’s get all over our noses. I would eat pink, Bro would have blue, natch. #
  • I don’t care that we’re in the nosebleeds. We are in the shade! I got complimented on my big black hat twice already. #
  • Will someone @ me the Lakers game score please? My scores are not refreshing. Thx! #
  • Doh. Bro is mad at me for sharing the Lakers score. He is recording the game. Ooops. Be didn’t tell me that! #
  • The Angels finally score! Mom is cheering “Yeah!” #
  • Sunflower seeds? No thanks! We are grubbin’ on our Taiwanese watermelon seeds! Craaaak! Craaaaak! Craaaaaaaak!!! #
  • Didn’t get enough Zzzz’s last night. I really want to nap right now! #
  • I woke up a bit after the 7th inning stretch. It’s Rally Monkey time! #
  • Bring that damn monkey out and we score! Yeah!!! Go Angels! #
  • Whoo! The Angels take the lead! #rallymonkey #
  • @Timtwigg haha! Don’t be gross! in reply to Timtwigg #
  • @goddessEos thanks for the Laker game update… Come on Lakers! in reply to goddessEos #
  • @zac_in_ak nope, no more zzzz’s! Lots of noise! #Angels in reply to zac_in_ak #
  • Oh Lakers. Oh well. Next time!!! #
  • My Mom is so cute! She loves doing the wave. 5 times around! #angels #
  • Well now I’m not in trouble. They just flashed the Laker game results on the scoreboard. #angels #
  • Ad for Conroy’s at the ballgame “Order your Mother’s Day flowers now!”. Ad placement timing FAIL! #
  • Nice catch #48! Torii Hunter! #angels #
  • @jasontucker Isn’t it a beautiful day in Anaheim?! in reply to jasontucker #
  • Angels win! Happy Mother’s Day Angel Moms! #
  • Making plans for #teched today. #tela09 #
  • @chrispirillo We absolutely enjoyed Sushiman when we were out there to see you in Feb! Thx again! in reply to chrispirillo #
  • On a session at #teched and the presenter just said “Let’s look for Asian widgets.”. Heh. #tela09 #
  • It was just an example. I just thought it sounded funny! #
  • @moye aw, what happened? in reply to moye #
  • @davecorun I want to know that, too! #tela09 #teched in reply to davecorun #
  • @MS_ITPro_UX TechEd study. Interested, contact me at TechED. Wednesday #
  • I wonder if I should walk next door and try to buy a ticket to the Lakers game tonight. I’m already here… #tela09 #
  • @davecorun Cool! I live in LA, so I go to CityWalk all the time. I’m going to try and find a ticket to the LAKERS GAME tonight! Have fun! in reply to davecorun #
  • Anyone have an extra ticket for the Lakers game tonight? I’m in the ticket line… Wish me luck!!! #
  • @lotay Do you have a hookup on Lakers tickets tonight? I just need one and I’m outside Staples! #
  • @daynah thanks for the tip!!!!! in reply to daynah #
  • I’m in the Lakers game! 9th row baby!!! #
  • Quest Crew performing at halftime! #lakers #
  • Battery dying. No more tweeting for now! Go Lakers! #
  • Quest Crew performs at halftime. Lakers playoff game VS Rockets #
  • I’m at the Lakers playoff game! 9th row! #
  • I’m at the Lakers playoff game! 9th row! [pic] #
  • Guess who won?! #
  • I beat the post-game rush to Tommy’s. That’s right! Tommy Burger for an almost-midnight meal. Because I love LA! #
  • Guess who won?! [pic] #
  • Home from the AWESOME Lakers game… and Tommy’s! Mmmm… Tommy Burger! #
  • I just figured out what the ballyhoo about #fixreplies is about. #
  • I’m simultaneously pooped and WIRED! Explain that! #
  • Too much adrenaline from that Lakers game. Approaching 3am and still wide awake! #
  • @MS_ITPro_UX I can’t DM you back because you’re not following me! in reply to MS_ITPro_UX #
  • Racist Camera! No, I did not blink… I’m just Asian! #
  • Racist Camera! No, I did not blink… I’m just Asian! #
  • Racist Camera! No, I did not blink… I’m just Asian! [pic] #
  • Haha. Speaker at #TechEd says “I’m one of the five people in Nashville who is not in a band.” #tela09 #
  • Haha. So many comments about the RACIST CAMERA! #
  • Just joined a twibe. Visit to join #tela09 #
  • @faboomama Is this something someone else can shoot for you? I know peeps who live in Bako! in reply to faboomama #
  • Just started a Twibe. Visit to join. #
  • @faboomama Let me see if I can find someone to help you out. Can you email me some details? in reply to faboomama #
  • @Timtwigg Pick you? For what?! in reply to Timtwigg #
  • Foregoing various #TechEd parties tonight so Yoshi has company at the laundromat. Stoopid broken washing machine! #tela09 #
  • @Timtwigg haha! You can join the 8Asians twibe! in reply to Timtwigg #
  • Does the tall guy here know he’s wearing 2 diff socks? My theory:he’s too tall to see his feet. Yoshi’s theory:that’s why it’s laundry day. #
  • The #first users @jozjozjoz followed: @patrickgage @tbridge @ErnieAtLYD @anildash @ninakaye @u_m #
  • @YixInMKE I can never get over how fancy the food at Lucky Strike is… I mean for a bowling alley, that is… in reply to YixInMKE #
  • Wow. A ton of people subscribing to my FriendFeed today. Is it because of the RACIST CAMERA post?!… #
  • I guess it would be bad form to complain outloud at this Microsoft conference about how Outlook is f-ed up on me yet… #
  • Ow ow ow. I totally broke my nail and it is very painful. Trying to figure out how to triage it until I get home… #
  • At WomenBuild TechEd09 — LEGO Serious Play #tela09 #
  • At WomenBuild TechEd09 — LEGO Serious Play #tela09 [pic] #
  • What the heck am I building?! #
  • Haha. OH @ #teched: “On the 1 nite of the boozefest, they took all the ladies & put them in a room with effin’ LEGOs.” #womenbuild #tela09 #
  • Does anyone have any superglue I can use to fix my broken fingernail? #
  • Thanks for sharing! re: #
  • @Neilochka in reply to Neilochka #
  • Thx @how_clever for letting me know the “Racist Camera” pic was on the front page of Reddit earlier!… #
  • Omg. 3/4 mile away from exit and there is some horrific accident stopping up traffic. Sirens everywhere. 101 at Moorpark in Thousand Oaks #
  • A car had flipped over and caught on fire. Fire out, paramedics and police on site. Looked like some people were walking around and OK. #
  • Met up with carpool and on the way to Santa Barbara for client meetings. #
  • On my way back from client mtgs in Santa Barbara. Sitting in traffic. Just got mooned by a white SUV full of guys. Hairy ass crack, yuk. #
  • Thx @hyperbolation for letting me know the “Racist Camera” pic was on the front page of BuzzFeed earlier!… #
  • Thx @routerguy for letting me know the “Racist Camera” pic is on the front page of Gizmodo! #
  • My cousin recognized me on Gizmodo. Worlds colliding… #
  • @macadaan Thanks for the Tweet! asian (er) blink finder by nikon @jozjozjoz – that’s wrong but so damn funny in reply to macadaan #
  • @urlgrl Thank you! I miss you! When will we get together again?! in reply to urlgrl #
  • @moye haha. too famous for you? You’re the one who will only be my friend if I bribe with you delicious Scoops ice cream! #
  • Need to de-stress… going to play some RockBand #

What the heck am I building?!

You take your best guess!

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At WomenBuild TechEd09 — LEGO Serious Play #tela09

That’s right. I am playing with LEGOs and meeting cool women (and men).

Pecked out on my iPhone. Sorry for any typos.

Racist Camera! No, I did not blink… I’m just Asian!

We got our Mom a new Nikon S630 digital camera for Mother’s Day and I
was playing with it during the Angels game we were at on Sunday.

As I was taking pictures of my family, it kept asking "Did someone
blink?" even though our eyes were always open.

Sheesh! RACIST! :P


Thanks for the digg:

Guess who won?!

Guess who won?!, originally uploaded by !!! :: jozjozjoz :: !!!.

Yeah Lakers!!!

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Quest Crew performs at halftime. Lakers playoff game VS Rockets

Pecked out on my iPhone. Sorry for any typos.

I’m at the Lakers playoff game! 9th row!

Wooot! I LITERALLY bought the last ticket at the box office!

Pecked out on my iPhone. Sorry for any typos.

Joz at the Angels game (with Mom and Bro)

Happy Mothers Day, Mom!

Go Angels!

Anaheim, CA

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Weekly Twitter Updates through 2009-05-10

  • Had an awesome day with @Moye. Saw lots of old friends and met many new ones! Eating ice cream from Scoops and watching TV with Yoshi! #
  • Weekly Twitter Updates through 2009-05-03 #
  • 4.29.09 #
  • The History of Communication #
  • 3000th update! #
  • 70 year-old Buddhist monk Hua Chi has been praying in the same… #
  • Oh my. WTF is Craig Sager wearing?! Orange pinstriped jacket w/ khaki pants?! To be fair, what pants would go better w/ that? #lakers #
  • @typefiend I just saw the Rockets logo on Ron’s crazy head. #lakers #rockets in reply to typefiend #
  • @typefiend Yes, I know! Sager’s wardrobe is so awful, it rocks! Did you see when the Women’s Olympic BBall team took him shopping in China? in reply to typefiend #
  • @typefiend Eat the head! in reply to typefiend #
  • @surfchik4jesus I loved your haupia! Nummy! in reply to surfchik4jesus #
  • It occurs to me that I haven’t Tweeted about Manny Pacquiao — my new neighbor! #
  • Omg! The blood! The sweat! Battier is making a mess! Ew! #lakers #rockets #
  • Hey! I have a headband like Sasha V’s!!! #lakers #
  • Oh yay. Close up with Sager’s bright orange jacket. That tie isn’t doing him any favors. #lakers #rockets #
  • @MykalBurns I don’t think they’ve moved into the new house. Looked empty last time I looked. Not that I’m stalking Pacquiao or anything. in reply to MykalBurns #
  • Eating the Mousse Chocolate Collection by Godiva… a gift from RonnTaylor when we met in NYC! THANK YOU, RONN! #
  • Eating the Mousse Chocolate Collection by Godiva… a gift from @RonnTaylor when we met in NYC! THANK YOU, RONN! #
  • Laughing at my friend Todd who just IMed me “I need studs. king studs.” And he’s totally not gay. #
  • DAMN! Phil Jackson just schooled Craig Sager. lulz #lakers #rockets #
  • @goddessEos If Craig Sager wore green pants, he’d look like a pumpkin. If he wore black pants, he’d look like Halloween. in reply to goddessEos #
  • @photojunkie I voted! in reply to photojunkie #
  • @j_lin Congrats on your first day at Google! in reply to j_lin #
  • Doh Lakers. #
  • @JPhilipson I loved your Griffith Observatory pix! in reply to JPhilipson #
  • omg. I just found a photo album I put together when I was in 8th grade or so. Yikes #
  • Time’s fun when you’re having flies. #
  • Returned home from a lovely Cinco de Mayo dinner at Joyce & Jeff’s. They provided Mexican food; I brought… #
  • @mindykaling Congrats, Mindy! #
  • @MCHammer Between daily and hourly is “sun up” and “sun down!” in reply to MCHammer #
  • My stupid work phone/PDA keeps rebooting itself. Stupid Motorola Q! #
  • Downloading Windows Update to my work laptop… slow! #
  • What is up with the zillion phone calls today?! #
  • No-Miss Nail Polish Remover #
  • Hello Laker game announcer, geography lesson for you: the sun does not set over the San Gabriel Mountains. Try the Pacific Ocean. #
  • @typefiend @RealLamarOdom is “only” two miles from Staples! I want a loft tour, too! in reply to typefiend #
  • Dang Kobe! 15 points in the first quarter!? Rawk! #lakers #rockets #
  • Yoshi says “Sasha V puts too much gaur under his headband. It makes him look silly… I mean, headband notwithstanding.” hee! #
  • @zumadogg let me know when the blog is back! in reply to zumadogg #
  • Ate 4 mini Golden Oreo cookies: 70 calories! Worth it! #
  • @moye can’t wait for us to hit NYC at the same time! Glad you’ve arrived safely! in reply to moye #
  • My client meeting in Santa Barbara earlier today was canceled due to the fires. :( #
  • Getting ready to attend the wedding if some distant relative I supposedly played with as a kid. #
  • People at this wedding that I know: me, my Bro, Mom and the father of the bride. Don’t even know the bride. #
  • I recognize another distant auntie. And this is Asian time to the extreme. Supposed to start at noon but it’s about to start. An hour late! #
  • Oh boy. Karaoke version of AT LAST being sung. Valiant effort but Etta James you are not! #
  • People are still arriving. More than an hour after the original start time. #
  • Reminder to self: this is why you can’t get eloped– because your family will force you to have a wedding ceremony for everyone anyway. #
  • Omg. Hilarious. The audio from the real estate seminar is piping into our room. The guy is talking about bankruptcies and foreclosures, etc. #
  • Singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to bride’s grandmother–92! How come Asians clap while singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY?! #
  • The bride and groom eloped 3 years ago to Vegas and had an Elvis wedding! They are showing the video. Weirdest “wedding” ever. #
  • This wedding i’m at today us the weirdest wedding ever. The elvis wedding actually seems kind of normal. #
  • My Mom would KILL me if I got married in Vegas without her. And had VIVA LAS VEGAS sung by Elvis as my recessional. #
  • They are showing video from the bride’s sonogram of their upcoming baby. Strange, strange wedding. #
  • No bottle openers to be found to open the bottles of sparkling apple cider. I’ve now opened two bottles via a fork. #howtoabusesilverware #
  • Clarification: Not only is the bride knocked up; they are also celebrating their 1st baby’s 1st bday here today, too. They eloped in 2006. #
  • If the groom’s father is following– for the record, this is a lovely event & I am simply reporting things as they happen. I’m not mocking. #
  • Wedding is over. One last note: if my caterer goes from table to table handing out cards like they did today, someone call the Tacky Police. #
  • Oh damn. Fire on the 105 #
  • Sirens. Fire truck, police car, ambulance. Westbound 105 between the 710 and 110. #
  • Not sure why I’m just showing up as just “Joz” in your chat windows instead of “jozjozjoz.” @scrivener says I’ve… #
  • Annoyed. I have a outgoing voicemail where I ask people to leave me their #; lady says “you have my # since I called… #
  • WTH. Commercial for “your own personal vibrator” on the Travel Channel. What. #
  • WTH. Commercial for “your own personal vibrator” on the Travel Channel. What. (Made by Trojan!) #

Weekly Twitter Updates through 2009-05-03

  • Weekly Twitter Updates through 2009-04-26 #
  • @Neilochka Sent you a DM. Text me on my cell. in reply to Neilochka #
  • Time to be a tourist! [pic] #
  • Choir singing GOD BLESS AMERICA at the base of the Statue of Liberty. Feeling pretty patriotic at the moment. #
  • Taiwanese in America. Ellis Island Diversity Map Exhibit [pic] #
  • Rock of Ages! [pic] #
  • Final day in NYC. Making plans for the day now! #
  • Driving through Central Park #
  • Until next time, Times Square! [pic] #
  • Check out this bad ass bike [pic] #
  • Sitting in a massage chair at PC Richard at Union Square. #
  • In the car to LGA. Thx to Chu @gracethespot for meeting up. New memory made: she got a 43lb A/C unit to Queens from Union Sq via subway! #
  • OMFG! I was supposed to be at JFK not LGA!!!!!!!!!! #
  • OMFG!!! I made it on my flight at JFK with time to spare! Took awesome cab ride from LGA -> JFK. #
  • Thanks to American Airlines customer service rep Ms E Glasgow who got me my boarding pass (canceled at LGA) so i could get on my flight! #
  • I couldn’t breathe because I was running so fast but I am catching my breath now!!! #
  • Thanks also to traffic gods for opening up the roads between LGA and JFK! Cabbie said it was amazingly clear of traffic! #
  • Sweeeeeeet! Wifi on this flight!!! #
  • Landed at LAX. Grateful that I made me flight so I didn’t have to spend the night at the airport or at some gross motel. #
  • 2:30am Pacific Time. Glad I napped a bit while on the plane because it’s 5:30am in NY. I love being showered & clean & lying in my own bed. #
  • Ok, I deserve it, but stop making fun of me for almost missing my flight back home! I made it, didn’t I?! #
  • Damn. Can I have a vacation from my vacation? I’m wiped out! #
  • Los Angeles API Heritage Month Giveaway: Asian American Arts Stimulus Package #
  • Wow. Just got complimented by a stranger about my hair even tho it is unwashed & unbrushed! #
  • May is API Heritage Month: “Asian American Arts Stimulus Package” giveaway #
  • My new haircut that I got in NYC [pic] #
  • ProfEric had his appendix removed over the weekend; I’m working from his place so he has company while healing. #
  • The Prof is watching Martha Stewart’s show about pregnancy. He is fast becoming a maternity fashion expert! #
  • @JonathanRKnight I’ve been enjoying your Tweets! Astro Burger is the best! (The one on Melrose, yeah?!) in reply to JonathanRKnight #
  • @MCHammer Pocket Tweets are the best, esp if someone picks up the phone and tells you “Stop it!” (That’s happened to me several times) in reply to MCHammer #
  • One of the hot firemen in the elevator with me #
  • Paying a crapload of bills. I hate reality. #
  • Irish postcard from Burns! #
  • Bye bye hair! #
  • Less than 2 hours left to enter the Asian American Arts Stimulus Package giveaway! #
  • Less than 15 minutes left to enter the Asian American Arts Stimulus Package giveaway! #
  • About to close the Asian American Arts Stimulus Package giveaway! #
  • I need three people to respond: Pick a # between 1 and 23 (could be 1 or 23) #
  • @disgrasian Thanks for the Asian American Arts Stimulus Package love!!! in reply to disgrasian #
  • Will be announcing the winner of the Asian American Arts Stimulus Package! #
  • Mmmmmmm! My mom made tiramisu and it is the yum! #
  • Announcing the Winner of the 8Asians Los Angeles Asian American Arts Stimulus Package #
  • Heading out on Friday night! (In my sweats to do laundry) #
  • yelping… Scoops (5/5) on Yelp: Bad Joz! I got so busy that I am two updates behind on Scoops!

    Here’.. #

  • Scoops (5/5) #
  • In Little Tokyo with @chriscorning and @Moye at the Imagined Futures Conference at JANM #
  • I love it! Conference is in Asian time. Waiting for the opening session to start. #
  • Just started, in attendance: George Takei, Parry Shen, and more #
  • George Takei about to give keynote; says he has no cameo in the upcoming STAR TREK movie. #imaginedfutures #
  • After dinner at Suehiro with @Moye am at Opening Night of Lodestone Theatre Ensemble’s TEN TO LIFE. #

Irish postcard from Burns!

Front gate of Trinity College, Dublin.


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