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Rock of Ages!

Rock of Ages!, originally uploaded by !!! :: jozjozjoz :: !!!.

It’s like I’m in NY and LA at the same time!

Got my Rock of Ages (fake) lighter!

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Taiwanese in America. Ellis Island Diversity Map Exhibit

Other people who have searched while I was waiting: Russian, Dutch,
Finnish, Italian, African, Asian Indian

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Time to be a tourist!

On the ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

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Weekly Twitter Updates through 2009-04-26

  • Weekly Twitter Updates through 2009-04-19 http://ff.im/2dsIX #
  • Got home 2a after winning $2.70 at poker. Thx @MackReed & K for having me over! Crashed in front of TV; Awakened at 5a to Jesus music. #
  • @GilAsakawa @ErinYoshimura Safe travels home! It was great meeting you both! in reply to GilAsakawa #
  • 98 degrees out! [pic] http://ff.im/2e2Un #
  • Just found out about a 1:30 meeting in OC tomorrow. Really? This couldn’t have been scheduled ok FRIDAY? #
  • 13 Alien Languages You Can Actually Read http://ff.im/2f192 #
  • Seriously?! 102 degrees [pic] http://ff.im/2f6OZ #
  • Seriously?! 102 degrees http://ff.im/2fbTY #
  • Heading in to a meeting in the OC office http://ff.im/2fbTX #
  • In OC for a 1:30 meeting. 3pm, we are all sitting in the same room individually doing our own work. This is a meeting?! http://ff.im/2feJU #
  • Waiting for a giant download to complete. Not looking forward to drive back to LA from OC. http://ff.im/2fmti #
  • Did I seriously ask for an extra blanket on the bed last week? It’s past midnight and almost 80 degrees right now! http://ff.im/2fL6u #
  • @violetmae you found the missing python!!! in reply to violetmae #
  • @jmacstepback Let’s DEFINITELY hook up! I don’t know if I can show you what’s cool but I can show you what’s yummy! DM me! in reply to jmacstepback #
  • @moye I was too far south for knotts fried chicken. Ended up in Gardena at Spoon House instead. in reply to moye #
  • Hoping it’s not too hot to sleep. #
  • OMFG! Yoshi keeps radiating heat in my direction on purpose! Meanie! #
  • @moye Japanese spaghetti is the yum!!! in reply to moye #
  • Ok NYC friends. Starting to nail down meals and meetups. DM or email please!!! #
  • Star Wars Kokeshi http://ff.im/2giG4 #
  • Video Zen: Cool Tak, circa 2006 http://ff.im/2gmlh #
  • New Bandai somen toy is a giant slide for noodles http://ff.im/2gmlg #
  • YouTube – KY Intense | “Silence” http://ff.im/2gmli #
  • #19717 – Lovely owl sweart pattern. [the buttons make… http://ff.im/2gpHX #
  • Hot day in LA. Use your fans wisely… beware of FAN DEATH!11!!1! http://tinyurl.com/3r4kn8 http://ff.im/2gw3c #
  • Making plans for my long NYC weekend. Interested? Inquire within. http://ff.im/2gzci #
  • Making plans for NYC this weekend. Interested? Inquire within. http://ff.im/2gA9A #
  • Sitting on a block of ice. Literally. http://ff.im/2gDXs #
  • My toosh got cold from sitting on that block of ice. Now I’m leaning against it. http://ff.im/2gFQR #
  • Dear Stalkers: Here is my tentative NYC itinerary* http://ff.im/2gLzZ #
  • Loopa ‘Spill-Resistant’ Bowl Uses a Gyroscope to Prevent Spills When You’re Gyrating [Bowls] http://ff.im/2gLAk #
  • My evolving NYC itinerary: http://tinyurl.com/d8b7m6 http://ff.im/2gNZz #
  • Dinner at Souplantation. Haven’t been there in years! #
  • This morning: Dentist bursts into song about my teeth & calls me Ms P.M. (Perfect Mouth). Yay! http://ff.im/2i0Rt #
  • @davidmarkland “JizJizJiz” = Ew. in reply to davidmarkland #
  • Happy birthday to so many people I love: Sharky, Howie and J-X. Also to B! http://ff.im/2iGQM #
  • @moye Yes! I should have specified “Moye’s B!” in reply to moye #
  • Flaw to letting me plan my own trips: I never leave time for sleep…. http://ff.im/2jFy0 #
  • Grease splatter burn = ouch http://ff.im/2jOSs #
  • Yoshi is making fun of my vocabulary. I just called something “Stupid-ass stupid.” Need thesaurus. http://ff.im/2k2xd #
  • 4.19.09 http://ff.im/2k4Xe #
  • On plane at LAX going to NYC! See you on the other side! #
  • I love Yoshi so much! Yoshi packed my luggage and purse, made me dinner, and drove me to LAX! YOSHI ROCKS!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!! #
  • Layover in DFW; boarding plane to NYC now! #
  • Just landed in NY!!! Another full flight; at least I had a window seat this time. Need Zzz’s! #
  • In cab heading toward Times Square. In other non-news, previously mentioned grease splatter burn has now become a giant blister. Ow & ew. #
  • Never a dull moment. Near accident in cab and other driver jumped out of his van and started screaming at my cab driver. All’s well tho. #
  • @moye Breakfast?! It’s noon here!!! Lunchtime! in reply to moye #
  • Hot FDNY guys in the hotel lobby. Should I be worried instead of ogling? #
  • Whoo Hoo! 5 FDNY hotties + 1 jozjozjoz in elevator. Hottest elevator ride in town! #
  • One of the hot firemen in the elevator with me [pic] http://ff.im/2l0sy #
  • Sweet Dreams! [pic] http://ff.im/2llX2 #
  • Dinner at Cafe Espanol with some of the 8Asians [pic] http://ff.im/2lxMN #
  • Bar fight! Two dudes got thrown out and continued fighting outside. Cops hauled em away 30 seconds later. Speedy! #
  • Leaving the village and heading toward hells kitchen. #
  • The place we are at had a giant private party in the back. Supposed to be 20 people but they’ve easily got 60 back there. Girl w/ pink hair? #
  • Had one last drink and am heading back to the hotel with s p g and a drunk guy. #
  • Sorry Yoshi. I confiscated phone from drunk guy. He kept drunk dialing people like you. #
  • @Ramahnjerz that sounds awesome. Sorry I missed it. I’m in for the night. in reply to Ramahnjerz #
  • @moye NYC is awesome, but I couldn’t denounce LA. If I DID live on LA time tho, it’d only be midnightish and I wouldn’t be in my hotel yet. in reply to moye #
  • 4:30am in NY. Way past bedtime! http://ff.im/2lUdX #
  • Brooklyn! Brunch! #
  • Brunch at RoseWater Cafe [pic] http://ff.im/2mk08 #
  • Thinking of my Daddy [pic] http://ff.im/2mtj1 #
  • @BrianJian I didn’t walkl the bridge b/c I ran out of time. Just got your text to joinn you but I’m in my PJs and about to crash out! in reply to BrianJian #

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