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Dear Stalkers: Here is my tentative NYC itinerary*

I’ll be updating this throughout the week as I start nailing down my activities with friends. Items in bold are fairly set; everything else is flexible.

Friday, 4/24/09
Friday morning – Arrive in NYC; drop stuff off at hotel
Friday brunch/lunch – Meet up with P & G
Friday afternoon – 3pm: Katherine meets me at my hotel
Friday evening – 8Asians: Lily, Katherine, Bo(?), Brian(?), Rob(?)

Saturday, 4/25/09
Saturday morning/breakfast – TBD (Brooklyn w/ P & G?)
Saturday lunch – TBD (Brooklyn w/ P & G?)
Saturday afternoon – TBD (after 4pm Rob, or meet up with E & S?)
Saturday afternoon – 5pm: Ronn in the City
Saturday evening/dinner – TBD (with E, S, P, G?) (Bo?)
Saturday night – Lizy

Sunday, 4/26/09
Sunday morning/breakfast – TBD (sleep in?)(Jon?)
Sunday lunch – TBD (Jon? or TC?)
Sunday afternoon – TBD (Jon? or TC?)
Sunday evening/dinner? – Meet up with P & G & E???
Sunday night – Show with P & G & E
Sunday late dinner??? – with P & G & E

Monday, 4/27/09
Monday morning/breakfast – TBD (Sleep in?)
Monday lunch – TBD (Grace Chu?)
Monday afternoon – TBD (Neil?)
Monday early evening/dinner – TBD
Monday night – Depart for LA

People I want to see while in NYC (not in any particular order):
-Any 8Asians (Lily, Katherine, Brian, Bo, Jun, Rob, etc)
-Lizy (Friday or Monday)
Ronn Taylor
Grace Chu
Neil Kramer
-EC (might see her back in LA)
-LC (will be out of town)
-and others

*Notice how locations are intentionally left out.

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