Yelp Review: Little San Salvador Restaurant

Little San Salvador RestaurantI ended up here by accident, but oh what a happy accident!

About a week ago, our washing machine decided to die on us. First we thought we could fix it. Then we realized we couldn’t fix it and decided we were going to find a repairman. In the meantime, we were wearing our clothes for as long as we could possibly bear it and generally hoping we weren’t going to run out of socks and underwear before the repairman could come. Well, I got a referral for a repairman, but he’s not available until Saturday. And I don’t think I can do a Saturday appointment.

So we caved and loaded up all the laundry into the back of the car and went searching for a laundromat. We skipped Lucy’s (even though they were the closest) because we didn’t want to plunk down $3 for a card. Plus, we already had a ton of quarters in tow with us. We needed a coin laundry!

We wandered aimlessly, passing 3 (sketchy looking) laundromats until we found the one a couple of doors down from Little San Salvador. It seemed ok, so as Yoshi got the laundry started, I ended up at LSS to order some take-out.

I was surprised at how bright and clean it was in there! The waitresses don’t speak English, but the menu does have some English translations. In my case, pointing to what I wanted got my order started and speedy!

I ordered 2 pupusas (bean + cheese, pork), beef tacos, and the pork chops. Yum on all 3 counts and all the food was less than $20! It was enough to feed 3 people… and still have leftovers!

I am SO going back there… and NOT when we’re on a laundry run!

Little San Salvador

901 N Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029

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