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White Canadian Male asks: “Why do most bad drivers seem to be Asian?”

Phillip Milano, author of the syndicated “Dare to Ask” column, fields “diversity” questions of all sorts — and usually they’re the kinds of questions which may be perceived as “politically incorrect” or “insensitive” to ask outloud. He runs a site called Y?, which is “the first and only site of its kind, gives you a way to ask people from other ethnic or cultural backgrounds the questions you’ve always been too embarrassed or uncomfortable to ask them.” Basically, you can ask your question and then others on the forum chime in with answers + you get an “expert response” from Phillip.

So what happens when someone asks a question like: Are Asians the worst drivers – ever?

Q: Why do most bad drivers seem to be Asian?D.M., 26, white male, Vancouver, Canada

# It is a myth. What’s more, if you check with someone who works in the auto insurance industry, you will find that Asians have the lowest rate of auto accidents. – Pinny, 19, Asian female, Stockton, Calif.

# I cannot drive here in North America. It will take me at least another year to get comfortable with everything on the “wrong” side of the road. Asia drives entirely on the left. Try driving on the left after spending a lifetime doing the exact opposite. – Niti, Pittsburgh

# While Asian is an all-encompassing term, I have noticed that in general there is a truth in the question. There seems to be an inability to understand what is going on around them. – S., black male, California

# I am Asian and am a horrible driver. I don’t know if it is that I can’t see all the traffic signs and cars because of my squinty eyes, or because there are usually seven people trying to fit in my Toyota, and it’s hard to compensate for the weight. Just joking about all that … except that I am Asian and don’t have a single point on my license. – Daniel, 22, Asian male, Indianapolis

Expert Says:
Or that we should quote these NHTSA findings:
# In 2002, only about 2 percent of all Asian deaths were attributable to traffic crashes, about in line with blacks and whites and lower than American Indians and Hispanics.

[full article, with complete expert reply]

How would you respond to the question?

(Hat tip: Tim)

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