Daily Archive for March 26th, 2009

Present from LADWP

Present from LADWP, originally uploaded by !!! :: jozjozjoz :: !!!.

Well it’s not so much a present because I’m pretty sure I paid for it already via my past electrical/water bills. Thanks, LADWP!

Even so, it was pretty cool to open the front door and find a little green giftbag sitting there.

The "LADWP giftbag" included:

the reusable green bag (hello, new lunchbag)
two CFL lightbulbs
a magnet
information on "saving water" and "bright ideas" (ways to conserve)

Pecked out on my iPhone. Sorry for any typos.

Chick-Fil-A song… dedicated to the guy on the living room futon

h/t: LoisLaneLive

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