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Gems from my Twitter feed and the IMs which follow

So I promised to write more, so it’s 3am and I’m taking a break from work (yes, work) to write a little something based on some Tweets I posted about dinner last night.

  • Fogo for dinner. Meat overload. Will I get the meat sweats?
  • (2 hours later) No meat sweats to report. But I do SMELL like meat.
  • And then:

  • There was a woman who looked like Thomas Jefferson at Fogo last night. I got yelled at for taking pix. But everyone agreed: she did look like TJ.
  • @MykalBurns: LOL. How could you NOT take pictures. I wouldn’t have yelled; I would’ve encouraged.
    me: I did take a couple, but they were way blurry.
    you had to see her
    it was the combo of what she was wearing and how she had her hair
    I was SO distracted by her all throughout dinner
    Finally someone asked me who/what I was staring at
    and i said, “the lady over there who looks like Thomas Jefferson”
    And they were like “wtf, you are crazy”
    but then they looked and EVERYONE agreed
    She DID look like she came straight out of the American Revolution
    @MykalBurns: How do you know it wasn’t actually Thomas Jefferson? It could happen.
    me: Good point. She was better looking than the cat lady with too much plastic surgery who was sitting on the other side
    @MykalBurns: The ladies with too much plastic surgery creep me out.
    me: Yeah
    she was REALLY bad with huge hair and everything
    It was very bizarre
    Her skin on her arms made her look like she was 50-60
    but her face was cat like all taut and pulled like leather, no wrinkles
    i didn’t take pix of her, though
    she’d have broken my camera
    @MykalBurns: Why do women (and some men) do that to themselves? How can they possibly look in the mirror and think, “Oh, yeah. I look good.”
    me: then the guy at my table who was sitting facing TJ could not stop laughing after i’d pointed her out
    he kept looking at her and laughing
    shaking his head and saying “thomas jefferson”
    @MykalBurns: Do you s’pose if she heard she would know she’s the one who looked like TJ?
    me: I don’t know
    we were sitting about 3 tables away from TJ lady but the cat lady was only 1 table away
    so it was more likely she heard us being catty (hah!) about her
    @MykalBurns: LOL.
    me: i’m horrible when i’m sleep deprived
    and meat laden

    I should make a rule that I am not allowed to IM or blog when I’m this tired and this filled with meat.

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