Twitter Updates for 2009-02-22

  • Twitter Updates for 2009-02-21 #
  • Intermission at KOLLABORATION 9 with @Moye and (kind of) @ErnieAtLYD and @losdelroro #
  • @stkyrice I concur with @Moye re: the lack of kollaboration of organizational skills. My peeps disappoint me. #
  • Doing UCLA chants in the top section at the Shrine. It’s not so bad. #
  • @ErnieAtLYD GET OFF *MY* LAWN! #
  • 10 seconds is too long to listen to these peole who can’t sing. #
  • I’m rooting for David from Colorado. #
  • Doh. Bye David. Next time wear a short hoochie mama skirt. #
  • They just announced that anyone who was supposed to be VIP but sitting in general admission gets free VIP tix to their next show. #
  • Freestyle Dance Competition. I feel OLD. 15 and 16 year old up there #
  • Tip for dance competitors: don’t dance into the people standing on stage. #
  • Oh snap! White guy just won freestyle dance competition. #
  • In da KOLLABORATION house: MySpace Tom and BEP Taboo are here. Oh and @ErnieAtLYD #
  • Guy on stage “I grew up feeling so inferior because I was Asian.”. Dude. That is YOUR problem, not mine. #
  • omg. I feel old. All winners of autographed BoA posters under the age of 20 #
  • Organizers if KOLLABORATION did not have our VIP tix for us… #
  • omg. I feel old. All winners of autographed BoA posters under the age of 20 #
  • “Who’s more superficial? Guys or Girls?” #
  • YouTube rockstar up next: David Choi. Only his second time performing live anywhere. Brought his laptop on stage. #
  • David Choi. So cute. Makes me feel soooo old! #
  • Kaba Modern on stage now. #
  • Kaba Modern was awesome. Now Jo Koy talking about Korean food. #
  • Oh Jo Koy’s p’s and f’s routine. #
  • Got text from @EdwinShen who is here at KOLLABORATION. Meeting up at afterparty. #
  • Margaret Cho = Korean Mom impression. Jo Koy = Filipino mom impression. #
  • Jo Koy’s routine would be much funnier if I hadn’t seen it like ten times before. Michael Jackson routine funny but do the 15 y.o kno him? #
  • @ErnieAtLYD it’s ok baby. No more talk about vaginas. I promise. #
  • BoA up next! #
  • BoA is five foot nothing. Tiny little thing. #
  • No taping for the next song? Good luck with that one! #
  • Show over. Mass exodus. Who are all these people calling. #
  • Winner of $2000 prize won from all the texts from her own students in the audience! #
  • Jane Lui also wins $2k #
  • Winner of $3k someone we didn’t see bc we were waiting for tix outside. #
  • Afterparty? Debating. #
  • Obnoxious bitches flashing wristbands. #
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