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New rules for Joz’s blog

1) No more daily Twitter updates on the blog. If you want to follow me on @jozjozjoz on Twitter and get “up to the minute” Joz-errific news, then have at it. Instead of a daily update on the blog, once a week, Twitter Tools will make a massive post of my Tweets for the week which you can ignore at your leisure. (Sorry if there is wonkiness this week when things change over)

2) No more pretending that Tweeting is the same as blogging. I started this blog in 2003 (six freakin’ years ago before most people had even HEARD of the word blogging!) so that I would write a little every day. I’ve taken breaks here and there, but the last few months of the Twitter posts taking over my blog is ridiculous. No wonder no one visits anymore. There’s nothing here but Twitter shit. Sorry ’bout that.

3) Writing on other sites… may be republished here.
That means, you may see crossposts from:
Flickr (ok, I don’t usually write very much here)
Metblogs LA/blogging.la
and other sites. And they may be out of context, but it’ll all be stuffs written by me.

If you like what you’re seeing, PLEASE COMMENT SO I KNOW I HAVEN’T DRIVEN YOU AWAY!
Also, if there is anything that you see in the Tweets that you want me to write more about, let me know.

Sound fair?

Twitter Updates for 2009-02-22

  • Twitter Updates for 2009-02-21 http://ff.im/19L7c #
  • Intermission at KOLLABORATION 9 with @Moye and (kind of) @ErnieAtLYD and @losdelroro #
  • @stkyrice I concur with @Moye re: the lack of kollaboration of organizational skills. My peeps disappoint me. #
  • Doing UCLA chants in the top section at the Shrine. It’s not so bad. #
  • @ErnieAtLYD GET OFF *MY* LAWN! #
  • 10 seconds is too long to listen to these peole who can’t sing. #
  • I’m rooting for David from Colorado. #
  • Doh. Bye David. Next time wear a short hoochie mama skirt. #
  • They just announced that anyone who was supposed to be VIP but sitting in general admission gets free VIP tix to their next show. #
  • Freestyle Dance Competition. I feel OLD. 15 and 16 year old up there #
  • Tip for dance competitors: don’t dance into the people standing on stage. #
  • Oh snap! White guy just won freestyle dance competition. #
  • In da KOLLABORATION house: MySpace Tom and BEP Taboo are here. Oh and @ErnieAtLYD #
  • Guy on stage “I grew up feeling so inferior because I was Asian.”. Dude. That is YOUR problem, not mine. #
  • omg. I feel old. All winners of autographed BoA posters under the age of 20 #
  • Organizers if KOLLABORATION did not have our VIP tix for us… http://ff.im/1aoBZ #
  • omg. I feel old. All winners of autographed BoA posters under the age of 20 #
  • “Who’s more superficial? Guys or Girls?” #
  • YouTube rockstar up next: David Choi. Only his second time performing live anywhere. Brought his laptop on stage. #
  • David Choi. So cute. Makes me feel soooo old! #
  • Kaba Modern on stage now. #
  • Kaba Modern was awesome. Now Jo Koy talking about Korean food. #
  • Oh Jo Koy’s p’s and f’s routine. #
  • Got text from @EdwinShen who is here at KOLLABORATION. Meeting up at afterparty. #
  • Margaret Cho = Korean Mom impression. Jo Koy = Filipino mom impression. #
  • Jo Koy’s routine would be much funnier if I hadn’t seen it like ten times before. Michael Jackson routine funny but do the 15 y.o kno him? #
  • @ErnieAtLYD it’s ok baby. No more talk about vaginas. I promise. #
  • BoA up next! #
  • BoA is five foot nothing. Tiny little thing. #
  • No taping for the next song? Good luck with that one! #
  • Show over. Mass exodus. Who are all these people calling. #
  • Winner of $2000 prize won from all the texts from her own students in the audience! #
  • Jane Lui also wins $2k #
  • Winner of $3k someone we didn’t see bc we were waiting for tix outside. #
  • Afterparty? Debating. #
  • Obnoxious bitches flashing wristbands. #

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