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Twitter Updates for 2009-02-20

  • Twitter Updates for 2009-02-19 http://ff.im/17YnO #
  • AND… THREE co-workers asked if that was me dancing in the… http://ff.im/18mAz #
  • What was in the lettle http://ff.im/18mAA #
  • My mom is a ninja! http://ff.im/18q6m #
  • @AlmondJoy2475 This hand is your hand, this hand is my hand, no wait it’s your hand… #
  • @JPhilipson My condolences on the passing of your grandfather. #
  • I think I’ve been suffering from a bout of food poisoning all day. Nausea, stomach cramps, aversion to smells. Bleh. #
  • @losdelroro Can’t wait to see you guys this weekend. #
  • We were supposed have dinner at Fogo de Chao tonight but everyone stayed home because I was feeling yucky. Thanks guys! #
  • Hello… Somebody pay attn to me! I am all alone in bedroom feeling sick and lonely. #
  • Ow. Just lost my grip on my iPhone and dropped it on my face while lying in bed. Ow. #
  • @zak_in_ak No soup for me! I might yak if I smell it! #
  • @zak_in_ak Way to mock the incapacitated! #
  • I don’t think it’s the flu. Maybe stomach flu. #
  • @zak_in_ak I would think I would get sympathy not mockery from my friends! #
  • was force fed a saltine + green tea so I could take some sketchy Excedrin.Yosh taking iPhone away so I don’t use as accidntal weapon VS self #
  • Feeling a little better now. Able to down 5 more saltines and more green tea. #
  • Sleep would be nice but I slept from 6pm to 9pm already. Wide awake now. #

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