Twitter Updates for 2009-02-14

  • Said goodnight to Yoshi… now time to pick for realzzz! #
  • Said goodnight to Yoshi… now time to PACK for realzzz! #
  • Packing is HARD! How did I get all this stuff up here in the first place!? #
  • Whoo hoo! 2:30am. Must be up in 4 hours! #
  • Last day on-site with my Anchorage clients. I’m going to miss these folks! #
  • @zac_in_ak Thanks Zac! It was great to meet you! in reply to zac_in_ak #
  • Yawn. Tired. #
  • Wrapping up at the office; heading back to the hotel to pack & check out. #
  • In cab to Anchorage airport. Yoshi’s headed to LAX. We’re meeting in Seattle!!! #
  • Waiting at the gate. Just watched a guy put an Airborne tablet in his mouth. Verdict? “Orangey” #
  • On the plane leaving Anchorage #
  • Landed at Seattle. Yoshi’s flight from lands within an hour. Yay! #
  • Fustercluck at Baggage Claim. #
  • On the plane leaving Anchorage #
  • Ok. Bags retrieved. Now Yoshi. #
  • Yoshi has landed! Two weeks is a long time for us to be apart. It was actually 10 days, but I’m rounding up! #
  • @dmattduncan Dud you get your hat and coat back from Alaska Airlines? #
  • @scrivener OMG! Yoshi and are seeing each other for the first time in TEN YEARS*!!!! *Rounding up a decade. #
  • @MackReed I loved Anchorage but it’s nice to be back in the Lower 48. Glad there was no volcano eruption to muck up my stay there! #
  • Romantic=lotsof Valentines Day reunions at the airport. I see lots of couples with flowers. I bear a piece of pizza for Yoshi. #
  • Definitely not in Alaska anymore. So many women wearing high heels and short skirts. #
  • Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #
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