Twitter Updates for 2009-02-10

  • Finally got my preliminary Seattle itinerary down for next weekend. #
  • That was sweet. Client in Anchorage said that he hopes the volcano erupts so I get stuck here for another month. #
  • Out the door by 7pm! It’s a miracle! #
  • The strangest thing just happened while in the waiting area of Simon & Seafort’s: both my phones lost power & ppl next 2 me: same thing! #
  • My iPhone turned back on after I was seated for a while but my Q is still out. #
  • Mozarella sticks only $3.95! #
  • @lukaisntluka I dunno. Spooky. My iPhone had a full charge. No reason for it to shut down the way it did. Hoping my Q is ok when I get b … #
  • @1alaska been carrying my mask with me but I know redoubt will blow the day I forget it. #
  • Dessert coming up!!! I tried to leave room! #
  • @1alaska hoping it happens after I leave on Friday so I don’t get trapped here. I love Anchorage but home is home. #
  • I should have started with dessert and taken everything else home. This burnt cream is sooooo rich! #
  • White Bentley car chase in LA!?! I want local (LA) news now!!! #
  • @sheigh We shall find out, won’t we?! Against all common sense, I think the UHaul might beat Bentley in car chase… #
  • For anyone at Sullivan’s Steakhouse paying attention: a single diner if served well CAN tip generously. I just tipped $16 on a $34 meal #
  • Thanks to Brandon at Simon & Seafort’s. Best meal all week in AK and most of it due to awesome service. #
  • I’m not able to watch the Bentley car chase now but thanks for the link to @davidmarkland #
  • Ok, back at my hotel room. White Bentley car chase or wireframes? I vote CAR CHASE!!!!! I have my priorities, dammit! #
  • Wow. I DO have priorities. I’ve turned off the car #chase feed and am opening up my wireframes… sigh… #
  • Turndown service ROCKS! The only thing that annoyed me about the hotel was that it took them a WEEK to figure out I… #
  • @MackReed 41 degrees?! That sounds damn toasty to me! It’s supposed to be between 3 and 15 degrees in Anchorage tomorrow! in reply to MackReed #
  • @davidmarkland Regardless if it’s true or not, you have got to win SOME KIND of award for this: in reply to davidmarkland #
  • RT @skyvan Damn…if you’re gonna commit a crime in LA, nows the time, all the cops are on the freeway #
  • WTF! Trunk just opened! #
  • Idiot civilians who are running up there… if you get shot it’s your own damn fault! #
  • RT @jpdefillippo I do believe I did see some junk in that trunk! #
  • Yoshi: i thot susan hirasuna was smarter than that;”we’re being told 2 get back, or @ least behind a car bc it’s reported the guy has a gun” #
  • @WhiteBentley I had to follow you! in reply to WhiteBentley #
  • @1alaska in reply to 1alaska #
  • Are YOU following @whitebentley? #chase #
  • RT @KNBCNewsraw Bently stopped on Lankershim in Universal City… Ch 4: Not a high profile person behind wheel, according to NoHo station #
  • @JasonCalacanis RT @KNBCNewsraw Bently stopped on Lankershim in Univ City. Ch 4: Not a high profile person behind wheel, acc to NoHo station in reply to JasonCalacanis #
  • @christinelu I want to Tweet from a plane! in reply to christinelu #
  • @WhiteBentley Did you MEAN to pop the trunk, dude?! in reply to WhiteBentley #
  • Oh don’t show that! #
  • @WhiteBentley Don’t shoot yourself… but maybe if take some paparazzi out… #
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