Daily Archive for January 31st, 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-01-31

  • Vegas. Tired. No gamble. Just eat. Shower. Sleep soon. #
  • I’m sitting in a heated room wearing my warmest clothes and I’m still cold. This does not bode well for me. http://ff.im/PkFT #
  • I am a ball of stress. http://ff.im/Puak #
  • I just Yoshi< “Want to spend Valentine’s in Seattle?” Response: “Why?” http://ff.im/PzuM #
  • I just asked Yoshi< “Want to spend Valentine’s in Seattle?” Response: “Why?” http://ff.im/PzM3 #
  • @dinhternet Rain, as in the Korean pop star? in reply to dinhternet #
  • Back from a very nice dinner courtesy of Yoshi’s parents. Also present, my Mom and Yoshi’s brother and sister-in-law http://ff.im/PKMR #
  • I am not a total retard but I have been trying to book a trip for work for like 4 hours today. Stupid corporate Amex… http://ff.im/PLcq #
  • Calling for help was useless. “I can’t help you. Good luck!” Gee, thanks, jerkfaces! http://ff.im/PMhu #
  • FINALLY! My trip is booked. I only missed out on Friday night Bingo festivities in Vegas. Bah! http://ff.im/POMS #

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