Twitter Updates for 2009-01-30

  • I hate you: iPhone error “iphone 3g could not be restored an unknown error occurred (9)” #
  • Fingers crossed for the restoration of my iPhone… #
  • It only took me four hours but I think I defeated iPhone unknown error (9)! YAY! #
  • put a Sugar Free Red Bull in the fridge because I’ll need one tomorrow. It’s 4am. #
  • Crap. I forgot my Red Bull. I’m going to be dragggggging today. #
  • @MykalBurns Turn it OFF! in reply to MykalBurns #
  • needs winter clothes, evidently. Completely unprepared for what’s to come… #
  • would like to formally request permission to “opt out” of the next 3 to 15 days. I would like to stay in bed and hide… #
  • In a minivan. Carpool lane. Heading toward Vegas. #
  • At Chick-Fil-A. Ordered 10 orders of 12 piece chicken nuggets. Manager’s response, “is this for real?” #
  • This is what 10 orders of 12 piece chicken nuggets from Chick-Fil-A looks like #
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