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Twitter Updates for 2009-01-20

  • Still can’t find my work cell phone… doh! http://ff.im/Feda #
  • glad I napped earlier. Way late now. In bed but lights are still on bc Yoshi is reading. #
  • I found my work cell phone right before I walked out the door to the office! Charging battery now! http://ff.im/FxdV #
  • My Mom has called me like 5 times in the last half hour. I’M AT THE OFFICE RIGHT NOW, MOM! http://ff.im/FJ8k #
  • RunDC (via xeni) http://ff.im/FJQ7 #
  • Dance party at our desks! http://ff.im/FJWY #
  • I sneezed so loudly that the guy on the other end of the line (talking to the guy next to me) said “Bless you!” http://ff.im/FM8E #
  • Idiotic Spirit airlines attempt to charge victims of the Hudson-ditched flight 1549 crash a cancellation fee for not… http://ff.im/FRvm #
  • I may have done it with the Guitar Hero tonight. I fingers and arms hurt. I can barely type. http://ff.im/G1Il #

I was in a bad mood and so my friend The Whole Jay sent me these IMs. (Thanks!)

These were sent to me on Sunday 1/18 when I was GRUMPY!

allow me to try to improve your mood
first we will try star trek teddy bears

a very proper hamster:

This picture reminds me of a picture I have seen of a certain human:

[I think he must be referring to the picture of Joz hiding behind a beer.]

And last but not least catch the first part of my ridiculous new short story on my blog
hope you cheer up and I will talk to you later

Obama’s inaugural address brought tears to my eyes

I wish my Dad was here for this day.

I am happy to be alive to experience such a monumental day in history.

(In my car in Hollywood. Strapped in and on my way to work. Listening
to Obama’s speech on the car radio. Picture snapped at a red light.
But not sent until at the office.)


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