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Twitter Updates for 2009-01-05

  • Leaving Sunnyvale. Heading back to SJ. Brrrrr! Chilly 46 degrees out!!! #
  • Brrrrr! 38 degrees outside! http://ff.im/u2U9 #
  • Yoshi’s family is all camped on the couch watching sports. I’m on my laptop. Life is good. http://ff.im/u3Hm #
  • Time for bed! http://ff.im/u4KZ #
  • Pho Quyen 2 Noodle House (4/5) http://ff.im/u52i #
  • yelping… Pho Quyen 2 Noodle House (4/5) on Yelp.com: It was a hot mid-August day.

    I was visiting f.. http://tinyurl.com/9ss9sa #

  • Twitter Updates for 2009-01-03 http://ff.im/u5bR #
  • Awake and hitting the road shortly! http://ff.im/ujNh #
  • I’m a lucky girl! Yoshi is folding/packing our laundry into our luggage. I’m playing online. Yoshi keeps putting warm… http://ff.im/ukD2 #
  • Ok, helping Yoshi instead of fooling around online! http://ff.im/ul5x #
  • Impromptu trip to Palo Alto. #
  • Brunch in Palo Alto with Yoshi, Yoshi’s Mom & Auntie http://ff.im/uoQB #
  • Gilroy WalMart Supercenter seeking cough drops. This is a scary, scary place. #
  • Ugh. I hate WalMart. Been here five minutes and I feel very stabby. #
  • Stopped for sustenance. Lebec, CA #
  • @cyn3matic. I do! I will send you info when I get home tonight! in reply to cyn3matic #
  • Back on the road!!! #
  • Home sweet freakin’ germ-infested home. Making Yoshi disinfect everything our sick friends touched while we they were… http://ff.im/uBCB #

Postcard from Nez!

Postcard from Nez!, originally uploaded by !!! :: jozjozjoz :: !!!.

From London, postmarked 1/2/2009

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