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Yay we’re home!

Since Yoshi is (still) sick, I not only drove the whole way up north earlier in the week, but I also drove the whole way home.

There is one part of the drive I don’t like to drive, but Yoshi wasn’t feeling well, so I just did it all.

I was really, really strung out during the drive down the 5, though. It was pretty crowded as there was traffic throughout and people drive like asshats.

Save for the spontaneous trip to Wal-Mart in Gilroy to get Yoshi some meds, our trip was pretty uneventful until after we got up and over the Grapevine. I’d been driving for 5 hours and we were only about 35 minutes away from home.

I was in the fast lane, but for some retarded reason, the two cars ahead of me kept hitting their brakes, slowing down to 20 mph on the freeway as the other lanes of traffic kept passing us by.

I wanted to change lanes and because I was getting stressed out and wasn’t sure if I was seeing traffic clearly in the dark, I asked Yoshi, “Can I change lanes?”

Yoshi said, “Yes,” but then I saw a car barreling down the lane I was about to change into, so I didn’t go.

What I couldn’t tell was that the car had seen me signaling and slowed down to let me in.

But I was still hesitant since the two idiots in the fast lane were still driving really slow.

“GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Yoshi yelled at me.

I was startled but then I decided that Yoshi wouldn’t tell me to go unless the coast was clear and I changed lanes.

“I couldn’t see!” I cried out. “I’m sorry! Your head was in the way and that car was barreling down and I couldn’t see the car around your head!”

And then I burst into tears.

“Don’t be mean! Don’t yell at me while I’m driving! I’m tired! I don’t want to drive anymore! I hate this! This sucks! Waaaaaaaaaah!!!”

And then the tears started streaming down my face because I was tired and I was being such a freakin’ girl for crying because Yoshi wasn’t really being mean, but just the usual cranky Yoshi… except a just little more cranky than usual because Yoshi is sick.

Yoshi was like, “Oh no! Don’t cry! I’m sorry I was mean! Do you want me to drive now?”

And I was like “No, we’re almost home. I can make it home.”

So then Yoshi left me alone and I cried while driving for another five minutes and then was better when one of my favorite Erasure songs came up on the iPod.

Sheesh. Sometimes I am such a girl. At least I’m allowed to blame it on hormones, right?!

PS – Do you like how I refrained from naming this post “How Yoshi made me cry while I was driving?”

PPS – At least the weather was nice and we did not have a repeat of the “black ice disagreement”. (Here was Yoshi’s take on the same drive home.)

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