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  • Vegas. Tired. No gamble. Just eat. Shower. Sleep soon. #
  • I’m sitting in a heated room wearing my warmest clothes and I’m still cold. This does not bode well for me. #
  • I am a ball of stress. #
  • I just Yoshi< “Want to spend Valentine’s in Seattle?” Response: “Why?” #
  • I just asked Yoshi< “Want to spend Valentine’s in Seattle?” Response: “Why?” #
  • @dinhternet Rain, as in the Korean pop star? in reply to dinhternet #
  • Back from a very nice dinner courtesy of Yoshi’s parents. Also present, my Mom and Yoshi’s brother and sister-in-law #
  • I am not a total retard but I have been trying to book a trip for work for like 4 hours today. Stupid corporate Amex… #
  • Calling for help was useless. “I can’t help you. Good luck!” Gee, thanks, jerkfaces! #
  • FINALLY! My trip is booked. I only missed out on Friday night Bingo festivities in Vegas. Bah! #

Twitter Updates for 2009-01-30

  • I hate you: iPhone error “iphone 3g could not be restored an unknown error occurred (9)” #
  • Fingers crossed for the restoration of my iPhone… #
  • It only took me four hours but I think I defeated iPhone unknown error (9)! YAY! #
  • put a Sugar Free Red Bull in the fridge because I’ll need one tomorrow. It’s 4am. #
  • Crap. I forgot my Red Bull. I’m going to be dragggggging today. #
  • @MykalBurns Turn it OFF! in reply to MykalBurns #
  • needs winter clothes, evidently. Completely unprepared for what’s to come… #
  • would like to formally request permission to “opt out” of the next 3 to 15 days. I would like to stay in bed and hide… #
  • In a minivan. Carpool lane. Heading toward Vegas. #
  • At Chick-Fil-A. Ordered 10 orders of 12 piece chicken nuggets. Manager’s response, “is this for real?” #
  • This is what 10 orders of 12 piece chicken nuggets from Chick-Fil-A looks like #

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  • Ate too much sushi tonight. Thanks to our two (soon-to-be) sushi chef friends who were practicing with us as… #
  • Trying to keep warm… I’m c-c-c-old! #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-01-25

  • My new iPhone 3G is setup but I’m being told I can’t use it until I get a case for it. My old iPhone was very dented. #

Brunch at Local in Silverlake

Or waiting for brunch, anyway.



Brussels Sprouts on stalk

Seen at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market



Joz & her giant hat

Joz & her giant hat, originally uploaded by !!! :: jozjozjoz :: !!!.

Seen at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market


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Jason Wu: Designer of Michelle Obama’s Inaugural Ball Gown


I cried yesterday morning when I listened to President Obama’s inaugural address on the radio. Before you think I’m some uber-Obama nut like Ernie’s neighbor, I’ll tell you that I was crying because I was thinking of my Dad, who passed away in 2006. He was the ultimate political history news buff and would have followed the election intently; as a proud American, I know he would have been indulging in the historic nature of this inauguration, and I am sad that he isn’t here to witness history being made.

My Dad passed away before Barack Obama really came on to the horizon as a Presidential candidate. So I’m not sure if he would have supported Hillary or Obama in the primaries (he was a Democrat, even though we lived in Orange County). But regardless, I’m sure he would have been pleased with the outcome of the election and the thought of history being made with America’s first black President.

Why am I telling you all this?

I’m just setting the stage to reveal that what would have excited my Dad the most, despite his intense political enthusiasm: the fact that the designer of the First Lady’s Inaugural Ball dress was from Taiwan. Even though I imagine my Dad would have cared less about First Lady Fashion or even the Ball itself, he would have been beaming with pride once he heard the news that a Taiwanese-born man designed the dress! The long white gown was made especially for the first lady and made of ivory silk chiffon, embellished with organza and Swarovski crystal rhinestones and silver thread embroidery. This isn’t the first time Michelle Obama has worn Jason Wu; she wore his #17 from his Spring 2009 collection for her interview with Barbara Walters last year.

Whenever it came to anything — and I mean ANYTHING — that reflected back positively towards Taiwan, my Dad would get excited and proud. And so when I heard that the designer of Michelle Obama’s white inaugural ball gown was Taiwan-born Jason Wu, I had to do what my Dad would have done: search the web for anything about this man who has brought “pride and honor” to Taiwan.

Jason Wu, 26, is an up-and-coming (has he made it now?!) designer who was born and raised in Taipei. According to his FashionRoyalty site — a line of “high fashion collectible dolls” — Wu has traveled the world from early on in life. He spent a portion of his life living and studying in Canada, France and different parts of the United States before establishing himself in New York City where he attended the prestigious Parsons School of Design.

Blah, blah, blah. All my Dad would have cared about was “TAIPEI” and “TAIWAN” and he would’ve talked about this for days. Sigh… I miss my Dad. Regardless, thanks Jason Wu for bringing “pride and honor” to Taiwanese-American people everywhere. And if not everywhere, then just in the room I’m sitting in.

Twitter Updates for 2009-01-20

  • Still can’t find my work cell phone… doh! #
  • glad I napped earlier. Way late now. In bed but lights are still on bc Yoshi is reading. #
  • I found my work cell phone right before I walked out the door to the office! Charging battery now! #
  • My Mom has called me like 5 times in the last half hour. I’M AT THE OFFICE RIGHT NOW, MOM! #
  • RunDC (via xeni) #
  • Dance party at our desks! #
  • I sneezed so loudly that the guy on the other end of the line (talking to the guy next to me) said “Bless you!” #
  • Idiotic Spirit airlines attempt to charge victims of the Hudson-ditched flight 1549 crash a cancellation fee for not… #
  • I may have done it with the Guitar Hero tonight. I fingers and arms hurt. I can barely type. #

I was in a bad mood and so my friend The Whole Jay sent me these IMs. (Thanks!)

These were sent to me on Sunday 1/18 when I was GRUMPY!

allow me to try to improve your mood
first we will try star trek teddy bears

a very proper hamster:

This picture reminds me of a picture I have seen of a certain human:

[I think he must be referring to the picture of Joz hiding behind a beer.]

And last but not least catch the first part of my ridiculous new short story on my blog
hope you cheer up and I will talk to you later

Obama’s inaugural address brought tears to my eyes

I wish my Dad was here for this day.

I am happy to be alive to experience such a monumental day in history.

(In my car in Hollywood. Strapped in and on my way to work. Listening
to Obama’s speech on the car radio. Picture snapped at a red light.
But not sent until at the office.)


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  • Twitter Updates for 2009-01-16 #
  • 1.16.09 #
  • The Wrath of Funk #
  • yelping… Mitsuwa Marketplace (5/5) on Oh Mitsuwa… how shall I miss you!

    I have fond mem.. #

  • Snowmobile Runs Over 57 Ducks (WARNING: Disturbing Picture) | Today’s TMJ4 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin News, Weather,… #
  • Mitsuwa Marketplace (5/5) #
  • is up waaaaay past bedtime! #
  • Lying in th #
  • Lying in bed. Half-awake. Debating if I should get up. #
  • Not single but I’m going to Looking for Love: A Valentine’s Day Twitter-based Scavenger Hunt — #
  • Bowling alley. Can’t bowl bc I’m a gimp. Sprained ankle and mouse elbow. So pathetic. #
  • Bowling alley music: Freebird #
  • Now it is Journey… Just a small town girrrrrllllll #
  • Thriller #
  • I’ve succumbed to peer (cousin) pressure #
  • Whoa. Lots of gutter balls. All mine!!!! #
  • Pasadena YardHouse with cousins. Drinking Wyder’s Pear Cider. Yum! It’s like soda #
  • trolling Old Town for coffee. At Cafe Aux Delices #

I covet these sushi knives in our den…

They’re not mine and I have no idea how to use them. But I want them

I’ve succumbed to peer (cousin) pressure

I hope I don’t hurt myself more.

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