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Twitter Updates for 2008-12-23

  • Thanks for Ev for coming to give me a flu shot! Also thanks to E, D, T, and J for joining me & Yoshi for dinner! http://ff.im/mzRW #
  • Twitter Updates for 2008-12-21 http://ff.im/mBBZ #
  • There’s bacon on my blog! http://ff.im/mD2Z #
  • OMG! This is even better! http://ff.im/mD95 #
  • There’s bacon on my blog! http://ff.im/mDjc #
  • U.S. Army dog in Iraq ‘leads from the front’ http://ff.im/mE29 #
  • Ow. My arm hurts where I got my flu shot. I feel like someone punched me there. HARD. #
  • Recommended that ProfEric and JD try “Peg’s Glorified Ham N Eggs in Reno. Now I’m craving pancakes! http://ff.im/mVwt #
  • Treat! My Mom called me while making an appearance on the doggie cam! http://ff.im/mWW0 #
  • Pancakes for lunch. Yum! http://ff.im/mX29 #
  • Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs on QVC sells a creepy doll. http://ff.im/mYNe #
  • Poor Merry! Mike keeps shoving his hand up her skirt. re: http://ff.im/mYNe #
  • SmartMow mows the lawn but won’t accept a glass of lemonade http://ff.im/n5ve #
  • Ed is back and still not speaking to me. Yoshi is our go-between. They are liquoring me up now. Whisky?! #

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