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New Years Eve in San Jose

We’re hanging out at Yoshi’s parents place right now. Yoshi is playing around online while watching sports in the living room. Yoshi’s dad just finished cooking crabs. Yoshi’s mom is making all kinds of foods for tomorrow’s shogatsu/osechi. (Yes, I’m going to go help in a bit!) I’m working right now to make up some hours from when I went to have a long lunch in Half Moon Bay.

Earlier today, we drove out to Half Moon Bay to go pick up thirteen fresh crabs off a boat! (Last year we went and there were no crabs to be found. We ended up having to settle for store-bought crabs.) While we were there, we had lunch at Ketch Joanne Restaurant and Harbor Bar (now a New Years Eve tradition for us).

Last year, we spent New Year’s Eve in SF with friends, which was wonderful. We stayed at the Kabuki Hotel in J-town, so they were piping in NHK on the TV. I’m totally disappointed right now because we searched the DirecTV listings here in SJ, and there is no Kohaku to watch! Wah!

Anyway, since I had to work today, we drove up to San Jose last night and planned to hang out at Yoshi’s parents place so I could work in their office. I’ve been pretty good for most of the day, except for the times where I have been distracted by food. Once by our trip to Half Moon Bay. Then later on in the early evening when we all got hungry again and Yoshi and I went to Super Taqueria (on our friend TM’s urging) to bring some snacks home. [Side story: Late last night, I was IMing TM and told him we were in San Jose and he would not stop bugging me about how I had to go to Super Taqueria at some point in my trip. Then he told me I had to join the I LOVE SUPER TAQUERIA!!!!! Facebook group, which I did. And then he made me an Officer of the group, even though I hadn’t been there yet. Anyway, I am happy to report that I am no longer a Super Taqueria virgin as we had the carne asada Super Taco, carnitas Super Burrito, and chicken quesadilla on flour tortilla. All we were yummy!]

Here’s a picture of me with our take-out Super Taqueria food.
Joz holds the take-out Super Taqueria food.

Here’s a picture of me being a freak with our take-out Super Taqueria food.
Joz holds the take-out Super Taqueria food while being a freak

Oh, and since I can’t watch Kohaku on TV, Yoshi was nice enough to search YouTube for a clip. Here’s Jero (African-American Enka singer!) on Kohaku:

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#88!, originally uploaded by !!! :: jozjozjoz :: !!!.

Picking up a quick lunch to go at California Chicken Cafe.

Will today be my lucky day??!??!

Cheese list at AOC

Cheese list at AOC, originally uploaded by !!! :: jozjozjoz :: !!!.

So many choices… I want it allllllllll!

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Twitter Updates for 2008-12-26

  • We JUST put up our stockings and wreath! And we’re both going out of town tomorrow morning! #
  • I suck so badly at wrapping Christmas presents that Yoshi is doing it for me. Yay Yoshi! #
  • links for 2008-12-24 #
  • I’m not related to my mother at all. She says she is just NOW leaving the house, after calling me an hour ago saying… #
  • Twitter Updates for 2008-12-24 #
  • Shutting down the laptop until I get to Phoenix! #
  • Yay! Mom is here! #
  • Getting grumpier by the moment. I hate cleaning. #
  • Need sleep before hittin the road in the morning #
  • Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep now! #
  • Hittin’ the road shortly! #
  • Dropped Yoshi off at the airport and now for a big road trip with Mom. #
  • Time to stop for breakfast and a bio break. In Banning at a Carl’s Jr! #
  • Back on the road!!! #
  • Cactus City Rest Stop. Another bio break. #
  • Blythe. Gas stop. Bio break for mom. #
  • Scottsdale. #
  • Amazingly delicious and extravagant dinner. Want a nap? #
  • Wow. No Internet (except via iPhone) where I am at. I’ll be avoiding online discussions until I am connected again. #

Twitter Updates for 2008-12-25

A quick Christmas update

I know that it’s hard to read my Twitter feed sometimes, but that’s really all I’ve had time for lately. I miss writing and keeping up with all my friends’ blogs, but *shrug* what can you do when your life it totally overflowing!?

Anyway, I just wanted to drop in quickly to say “happy holidays” while I had a quiet moment to myself.

Last night, Yoshi and I stayed up until 3am cleaning the house in anticipation of out-of-town guests staying at our place next week. But because both Yoshi and I are out of town for Christmas, we had to make sure everything* was done before we left.

Last night, my Mom showed up at our place to spend the night so we could all hit the road early. Yoshi had a morning flight leaving out of Burbank for Northern California. Mom and I had a 6+ hour road trip ahead of us as we headed toward Scottsdale, Arizona to visit some close friends of ours.

Of course all this meant we had to wake up at 6am so we could drop Yoshi off at the airport and hit the road early to arrive in AZ before dinner time. Mom and I had a nice drive out there; she told stories to keep me alert, but I admit I started to get drowsy as we neared Phoenix.

Dinner at our friends’ home was delicious and wonderful. We met some of their friends and their two adorable doggies, too.

Of course all the driving + turkey = tired Joz so I sat down on the bed for a second and passed out for like an hour. By the time I woke up again, the other guests had left. Oops.

Now, of course, I have (temporarily) hijacked someone’s wifi connection so I can get a few things done online. But since midnight is approaching, I will probably wrap this up and pass out again.

Merry, merry!

*We didn’t really clean everything. First of all, Yoshi went on a cleaning rampage and did most of the work. But I did clear off the dining room table of all my papers and crap. The office is still a disaster area, but the chances of a Christmas miracle in that regard was pretty infinitesimal!

Merry Xmas 2008!

Merry Xmas 2008!, originally uploaded by !!! :: jozjozjoz :: !!!.

(Slowly) pecking out a holiday greeting on my iPhone.

I donned pigtails today to keep my hair out of my face and forgot to
take it out all night.


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links for 2008-12-24

Twitter Updates for 2008-12-23

  • Thanks for Ev for coming to give me a flu shot! Also thanks to E, D, T, and J for joining me & Yoshi for dinner! #
  • Twitter Updates for 2008-12-21 #
  • There’s bacon on my blog! #
  • OMG! This is even better! #
  • There’s bacon on my blog! #
  • U.S. Army dog in Iraq ‘leads from the front’ #
  • Ow. My arm hurts where I got my flu shot. I feel like someone punched me there. HARD. #
  • Recommended that ProfEric and JD try “Peg’s Glorified Ham N Eggs in Reno. Now I’m craving pancakes! #
  • Treat! My Mom called me while making an appearance on the doggie cam! #
  • Pancakes for lunch. Yum! #
  • Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs on QVC sells a creepy doll. #
  • Poor Merry! Mike keeps shoving his hand up her skirt. re: #
  • SmartMow mows the lawn but won’t accept a glass of lemonade #
  • Ed is back and still not speaking to me. Yoshi is our go-between. They are liquoring me up now. Whisky?! #

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OMG! This is even better!

Double bacon on my blog!

There’s bacon on my blog!

Everything is better with bacon, no?!

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Twitter Updates for 2008-12-19

  • @moye Ahhh, good thinking about concealing the webcam. I guess I need creepiness lessons! in reply to moye #
  • Can anyone help me identify a font? has failed me #
  • Need help identifying a font. and have both failed me. Can send jpg! Thx! #
  • Twitter Updates for 2008-12-17 #
  • Wow. It took me all day to finish something I thought would take a few hours (for work). Damn I suck. #
  • @mskat Thanks for the tip. Sensitive content so I can’t post the image online; only sending to trusted folks! Thanks! in reply to mskat #
  • Need to be out of the house by 7am, preferably sooner. Going to bed past 1am does not help the cause #
  • *I* was on-time. How come my 8am appt is late? Grrrrr…. #
  • Psych! I thought my 8am appt had arrived. No, it was someone else. #
  • I totally locked myself out and had to call a locksmith. $50 later… I’m indoors again! #
  • yelping… B & B Lock Security Inc (5/5) on B&B just saved my hide!

    I was meeting a plumbe.. #

  • B & B Lock Security Inc (5/5) #
  • Tender Love and Care #
  • Leaving Old Town Monrovia. Met the wonderful Frazgo and his lovely family. #

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