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Twitter Updates for 2008-11-13

  • I’m ridiculously tired right now. It’s only 8:25 people! What’s up with that?! #
  • I think it’s funny how my friends are testing the gmail video chat thing with me, even tho I have no web cam or mic. #
  • Tired. Off to bed. Client meeting in the morning. #
  • @ricksanchezcnn Yes. Stupid Looky-loos! #
  • Sushi for lunch with co-workers and clients. Now back to work work work! #
  • Allergic to the world! #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-11-12

  • yelping… El Coyote Mexican Cafe (1)/5) on I’ve been here a couple of times and th.. #
  • Heading out for drinks in Hollywood. #
  • yelping… El Pollo Loco (1)/5) on I’ve been to this El Pollo Loco many times over .. #
  • Just got back from dinner & drinks with @mackreed and arden at Magnolia on Sunset #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-11-11

  • Sad that Yoshi’s family had to go back home. Wish they could stay longer and that I had more time to spend with them! #
  • Ridiculousness: One Joz. Bouncing between two desktops and one laptop. Maybe this is an argument for Joz^3 #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-11-10

  • I wish I had Veteran’s Day off. And I would like a 4 day work week, please! #
  • SORRY EVERYONE! User error! I thought I would import a bunch of posts I wrote at 8Asians and caused a mess! #
  • I’m totally Tweetarded! Sorry again, everyone! #
  • Outlook at work is driving me bonkers! It keeps locking up and making my laptop go nutty! Can’t I just ignore emails and meetings all day?! #
  • RT @wendelldotme Make your own Muppet? #
  • I love it when Yoshi’s parents/Auntie visit! There is always laughter in the house when they’re here! So much fun! #
  • @drumgit I’m not a spammer! I said I’m Tweetarded! :P #
  • RT @HPHolidayCheer The 1st 200 peeps to follow will receive a FREE skin with which to personalize their computers @ #
  • Glad that everyone but me has the day off in my house. Hard listening to Yoshi & family playing Wii in the other room while I am working. #
  • @MarsPhoenix 01010100 01110010 01101001 01110101 01101101 01110000 01101000 00100000 01101001 01101110 01100100 01100101 01100101 01100100 ! #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-11-09

  • thinks the King of Bhutan is a hottie. #
  • Tired but happy. Night night, all! #
  • Awake an headed to the airport… a dropoff! #
  • I’m so dumb sometimes. Had a date wrong in my calendar and came all the way to work on the wrong Sunday. Doh! #
  • @KeriKinnic Re: Pushing Daisies. I have confirmation from someone in the know that though it’s not confirmed, the cancellation is true. :( #
  • Mmmmm. Persimmons are yummy! #

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Oops. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that.

I imported a bunch of the posts I wrote on 8Asians here. Now there are some double posts and stuffs. I don’t know if it imported everything I ever wrote there, either. Oh well.

And I just checked my spam and saw a bunch of comments from someone named Marie, who was going on and on with lies about Prop 8, accusing me of deleting her comments.

For the record, I didn’t delete her comments. By way of her making the SAME comment like 10 times, my WordPress marked her stuff as spam.

Speaking of Prop 8, I’m really disappointed it passed because I thought that the people in the State of California would vote for equality instead of taking rights away from people.

Anyway, I also got another comment from an “anonymous” commenter identifying himself as “Arnold” (who was too fucking chicken to leave a real email address). His comment also got marked as spam, but I would like to share the comment from a typical idiotic Yes on 8 supporter like this dumbass:

Arnold | |


From Twitter Updates for 2008-11-04, 2008/11/05 at 12:11 AM

People like this passed Prop 8. Scary, no?

Twitter Updates for 2008-11-08

  • @wendelldotme It wasn’t me, I swear! #
  • @JPhilipson Are you staying in LA? #
  • @muckdog Yes I have an iPhone (1st generation). And I do like it, but I don’t love it; the AT&T phone reception is crap. #
  • Dinner at El Cholo; Had A Taste Of History: Black Creek Cheddar Cheese Enchilada, Rolled Beef Taco, Chile Relleno & Roasted Pork Tamale #
  • @JunLoayza No, the El Cholo on Western! #
  • @danielphillip Make me a Cosmo?! #
  • yelping… El Cholo (4)/5) on I hadn’t been to this El Cholo in 7-8 years, so it wa.. #
  • Say it ain’t so! Pushing Daisies canceled?! Noooo! #
  • Lunch at bld #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-11-07

  • Jumping in the bandwagon and following @al_gore #
  • Er. ON the @al_gore bandwagon. #
  • @wendelldotme I blame my iPhone for the original mistype but I am going to AWESOMELY get to 3 strikes right now! Like OMG!!!!!! #
  • appreciating the prop 8 protest updates from @the17thman #
  • @wendelldotme Sheeple? #
  • @preppiecurler LEMMING! #
  • @snarkydork *pokes you with a fork* poke! poke! #
  • @wendelldotme You should stop counting the number of strikes on me! Too hard to keep track of! #
  • @the17thman I guess I’m not going to run with you either. That’s ok. I’m supposed to be cleaning the house tonight. #
  • It’s bad enough that I just spent a couple of hours watching Nova & National Geo Channel; now looking online for more full episodes of Nova! #
  • They have the whole 3 hour mini-series THE ELEGANT UNIVERSE online! Whoo string theory!!! (I’m not allowed to watch this right now, tho.) #
  • @SassyBlonde I cannot be blamed if you spend three precious hours watching that! #
  • To everyone who asked for it: Here is the link for the NOVA on string theory: #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-11-06

  • I don’t hear the choppers anymore. What’s going on with the Prop 8 protesters? #
  • @Underseen Doh. I was trying to be speedy, too! #
  • @mattsledge Score! #
  • HUGE PROTEST TODAY at Mormon Temple (SMB @ Overland) at 2pm. Bring your “no on 8” sign. #noonprop8 #
  • @hawaii HB, RO! #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-11-05

  • RT: An Obama victory is NOT enough — VOTE “NO” ON PROP 8 BEFORE POLLS CLOSE AT 8 PM #
  • @SassyBlonde Yes the graphics are so much better than the whiteboard. But I kinda liked the whiteboard! #
  • WTF with those “Voter Alert” *bing!* on CNN. Totally annoying and making me want to switch the channel. #
  • I dislike the coverage on CBS. #
  • Polls in CA are still open! If you haven’t voted NO ON 8, then stop watching TV and go vote NO ON 8!!! #
  • The hardest choice for me today? What election coverage to watch? ABC CNN NBC CBS MSNBC??? #
  • GOHIO! #
  • Moving the laptop to the den to watch TV and do stuffs online at the same time #
  • All set up in the den. Wish the wi-fi worked here; have cables and cords all over the house now. #
  • Thanks for the tip @tomdog but whoa. Definitely not watching Current TV. BBC America is not so bad tho. #
  • RT @NoOnProp8 Presidential victory is NOT enough — VOTE “NO” ON PROP 8 BEFORE POLLS CLOSE @ 8 PM (Please retweet this NOW) #
  • Hey guy on BBC America… do you think we can’t tell your hair is fake?! And btw, shoulder pads went out in the 80s. #
  • Eddie Izzard on BBC America #
  • I’m liking John Yang on NBC, reporting from Richmond, VA #
  • Luke Russert is no Tim Russert. #
  • @seldo I want confirmation that Prop 8 is defeated… is there anyone who hasn’t voted NO on 8 in California yet?!!? #
  • Oprah has arrived in the area of Grant Park! #
  • CBS – Insanity at Howard University #
  • @richardallen Has everyone you know in California voted NO on 8 yet??? #
  • Polls closing in 30 min… still time to get in line and vote NO on 8. If you are in line before 8, you will still be able to cast your vote #
  • Katie Couric on CBS: “The fat lady has not yet sung on this race, but we can hear her clearing her throat.” Heh! #
  • Any Californians following, did you not vote or vote yes on 8? Please let me know. #
  • Charles Gibson on ABC: “The fat lady has not yet sung, but she is warming up.” #
  • I hear some fat ladies singing… #
  • I can’t celebrate tonight if Obama wins but Prop 8 passes. #
  • On CNN: Reverend Jesse Jackson in tears in Chicago #
  • McCain’s concession speech: the ultimate fat lady’s song. The crowd in Phoenix is so obnoxious. Let her sing! #
  • @orangehairedboy I was referring to those people at McCain’s concession speech booing whenever Obama’s name was uttered.Ugly American indeed #
  • Early returns on Prop 8 are not promising. Now that Obama is out incoming President, I won’t have to move to Canada, but don’t tell me I … #
  • I’m tracking Prop 8 right now. Prop 8 is currently passing 55% to 45% with 9% of precincts reporting… #
  • Hello President-Elect Obama! I believe that America is a place where all things are possible! #
  • Obama girls get new puppy! #
  • 18% of precincts reporting: Prop 8 still looking to pass: Yes 54.3% vs No 45.7% BOOOO #
  • @seanbonner 18% of precincts reporting: Prop 8 still looking to pass: Yes 54.3% vs No 45.7% BOOOO #
  • Prop 8 Total Reporting:22%. YES – 1,963,607 – 54% and NO – 1,689,506 – 46%. Booooooooooooooooooooooooo #
  • @mikeprasad It’s not over yet #
  • Prop 8: Yes – 1,997,288 – 53.0% and No – 1,768,392 – 47.0%. 24% of precincts reporting. Come on NOs! #
  • Prop 8: Yes – 2,071,916 – 53.0% and No – 1,840,321 – 47.0% with 26% of precincts reporting. GO NO! GO NO! #
  • Prop 8 update: Yes – 2,082,709 – 53.0% and No – 1,847,965 – 47.0%, with 27% of precincts reporting. #
  • Local news on mute. Why must they interview people who insist on screaming into the mic? #
  • Prop 8: Yes – 2,252,980 – 53.2% and No – 1,983,079 – 46.8%; with 32% of precincts reporting #
  • @7au Prop 8: Yes – 2,252,980 – 53.2% and No – 1,983,079 – 46.8%; with 32% of precincts reporting

    32% of precincts reporting #

  • Prop 8: Yes – 2,299,220 – 53.0% and No – 2,041,458 – 47.0%; with 33% of precincts reporting #
  • So tired. Afraid to sleep. Last time I went to bed not knowing the outcome of an election, Gore won the popular vote but not electoral vote #
  • I like the Fox 11 news chopper flying over Leimert park showing small crowds in the street… DOING NOTHING. #
  • Prop 8: Yes – 2,434,787 – 52.6% and No – 2,192,838 – 47.4%; with 36% of precincts reporting #
  • Prop 8: Yes – 2,573,381 – 52.4% and No – 2,341,535 – 47.6%; 38% of precincts reporting. When will the tide turn for NO ON 8??!?!?!??!?!!?! #
  • @7au love to you and @littleyellowdifferent and anyone else there I know! #
  • @polastre That’s what I was thinking. MA and CT are looking mighty fine right now… #
  • @koganuts Was that an hour? #
  • Prop 8: Yes – 2,716,372 – 52.5% and No – 2,454,874 – 47.5%; 43% of precincts reporting. WTF! Come on NOs! Why aren’t you getting counted!? #
  • Prop 8: Yes – 2,968,507 – 52.5% and No – 2,684,535 – 47.5%; 48% of precincts reporting. Dammit! NO NO NO!!! #
  • Latest Prop 8 results: Yes – 3,030,350 – 52.5% and No – 2,741,699 – 47.5%; with 49% of precincts reporting. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! #
  • Midnight tweet Prop 8 results: Yes – 3,069,809 – 52.6% and No – 2,768,396 – 47.4%; 50% of precincts reporting. That’s it. I’m done for now. #
  • Latest Prop 8 results: Yes – 3,704,742 – 52.3%and No – 3,378,481 – 47.7%; with 66% of precincts reporting. Gah! #
  • Prop 8: Yes – 5,163,908 – 52.0% and No – 4,760,336 – 48.0%; with 95% of precincts reporting. WHAT HAPPENED, CALIFORNIA?! This is NOT cool. #
  • Angry at the people who are msging me that the “will of the people haven spoken on Prop 8.” SLAVERY used to be popular, but it’s STILL WRONG #
  • @NoOnProp8 We lost the battle on Prop 8 but we shall win the war! What’s next?! #
  • @cindylu Prop 187 wasn’t a constitutional amendment. #
  • Re: Prop 8 “No big deal, just appeal.” NO! The court’s job is to interpret; when the Constitution is rewritten, they must interpret that. #
  • California: How sad that more people thought farm animals deserved rights (Prop 2) over human beings (Prop 8). EPIC FAIL! #
  • Let the real fight begin: #
  • Michael Crichton has passed away suddenly. #
  • RT @bradleyallen : Less than half of SF registered voters turned out to vote. Fucking lame. #
  • @lucindamichele Hey LuMi, say hi to Marc for me! #
  • Congratulations, Jared Polis! #
  • RT @NoOnProp8: Attend a gathering in your community this evening: #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-11-04

  • voted absentee two days ago… ballot is being hand-delivered by my brother today! #
  • @skyvan I don’t need any schwag but I voted for change. Because I can’t wait for our country to move FORWARD instead of backward! #
  • @wendelldotme I’ll take sideways. I know FORWARD is asking a lot. But I can still hope! #
  • @goddessEos Stop talking about cheesecake! #
  • RETWEET: An Obama victory is NOT enough — VOTE “NO” ON PROP 8 BEFORE POLLS CLOSE AT 8 PM (Tell your friends: Retweet now and at 5pm) #
  • Missionaries just came to my door, wanting to talk to me about Jesus Christ. Wow. I haven’t had that happen to me since I lived in OC. #

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History, baby!

History, baby!

President-Elect Obama!

Twitter Updates for 2008-11-03

  • Absentee ballot completed. Time for sleep! #
  • I love my Mommy! #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-11-02

  • @the17thman I’ve got to learn how to Twitter via Wii #
  • The shredders (the machine and the Yoshi) needed a break. But break time is over… back to work! *wha-pah!* #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-11-01

  • Has finally posted her annual Halloween story. #
  • yelping… Dents Out Plus (5)/5) on I thought I would update my review since I saw .. #
  • Ditto @heathervescent ! Lightning and thunder in Hollywood!!! #
  • @skyvan No BarcampSD for me this year, I’m afraid! #
  • YOSHI ROCKS! Aside from cleaning all day,Yoshi is now sitting on the floor of the office shredding a pile of papers I needed to shred. Whoo! #
  • @the17thman Yoshi is most certainly not my pet! Yoshi is my wonderful Hunny!!! #

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