Twitter Updates for 2008-11-25

  • @faboomama I smelled like meat all day today, too! That KBBQ stuff lingers, don’t it?! in reply to faboomama #
  • WTH? It is FREEZING COLD in our house tonight!? Wasn’t it just like 90 degrees out a couple days ago? Time to find our heavy comforter! #
  • Looking for a date or two to be my +1 at various events next month. Please inquire within. (And phooey to Yoshi for leaving me dateless!) #
  • @katrua Ok, it’s in the 60s, but that I was puttering around in a tank and shorts, it was freezing cold! PS-You have a better view than I do in reply to katrua #
  • Yoshi says its “karma kicking my ass” for thinking about calling in sick on birthday. Except now I really might be sick. *sniffle* #
  • @Ambiggity Yes, dates can be girls or guys. Equal opportunity dater! Unfortunately, anyone who has gone out w/ me knows I don’t put out, tho in reply to Ambiggity #
  • @missrogue MEAT? in reply to missrogue #
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