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Twitter Updates for 2008-11-25

  • @faboomama I smelled like meat all day today, too! That KBBQ stuff lingers, don’t it?! in reply to faboomama #
  • WTH? It is FREEZING COLD in our house tonight!? Wasn’t it just like 90 degrees out a couple days ago? Time to find our heavy comforter! #
  • Looking for a date or two to be my +1 at various events next month. Please inquire within. (And phooey to Yoshi for leaving me dateless!) #
  • @katrua Ok, it’s in the 60s, but that I was puttering around in a tank and shorts, it was freezing cold! PS-You have a better view than I do in reply to katrua #
  • Yoshi says its “karma kicking my ass” for thinking about calling in sick on birthday. Except now I really might be sick. *sniffle* #
  • @Ambiggity Yes, dates can be girls or guys. Equal opportunity dater! Unfortunately, anyone who has gone out w/ me knows I don’t put out, tho in reply to Ambiggity #
  • @missrogue MEAT? in reply to missrogue #

links for 2008-11-25

links for 2008-11-25

Another celebration of my 27th birthday!

Since I’m not really good at remembering how old I am, I decided I’d just give up and just say “27” whenever anyone asked me my age. (By the way, where are people’s manners?! Didn’t they learn that it’s rude to ask a lady’s age?!)

The funny thing is that I actually started lying about my age BEFORE I hit 27. Anyway, it’s been more than 5 years since I’ve started keeping this blog and I thought it would be fun to go through the posts year by year.

That was a bad idea.

  • 2003: Check out the crappy digital photo of me at my decorated desk!
  • 2004: Photo of me and my grandpa; pictures of generous birthday presents received in 2003
  • 2005: Guessing by the context of the post, I think my birthday fell on Thanksgiving that year. My birthday was the day after Thanksgiving that year. That year, I played poker with my cousins and won!
  • 2006: I got a puppy* for my birthday!
  • 2007: Me admitting that 27 was “again”
  • Anyway, I am not up for taking a picture right now, so I picked out a silly picture from earlier this summer (I call them the “blotchy” months. Don’t know why my skin was so bad this summer). Our wonderful upstairs neighbors don’t eat bread and brought down this giant loaf of homemade bread their friends had left for them.

    Of course, I took the loaf of bread. Not so much to eat it, but rather because I thought it looked like a giant cupcake. Heh.

    Joz & the giant cupcake

    What to you think?

    PS – I don’t waste food. I ate about half the loaf and then shared it with my Mom & Bro. This picture was taken at Grandma’s place, just a few weeks after she’d passed away.

    *What? It’s a puppy!

    Yummy persimmons from Mom’s tree

    Grown and picked with love from Mom and the Bro!

    Buddha Spock! (Or is it Spock Buddha?!)

    No matter, you get the drift.

    Did you know Spock was Buddhist?

    (Seen on the website for the Equator Cafe)

    Last week was crazy

    Pardon me for the blog silence.

    I’m crazy busy these days… worse than usual, it seems.

    Last week a bunch of my friends at work got laid off. I kind of knew it was coming because I had called in sick on Tuesday since I’d been having trouble breathing due to the crazy fires (Sayre, Triangle fires) happening all over So Cal. Then I made the mistake of getting up and checking my messages and I noticed that 4 of my friends IMed me within half an hour with a similar question:

    “Did you get an in-person one-on-one scheduled at company headquarters?”

    Um… no…

    But I figured it couldn’t be a coincidence that they were all getting call in, and that the meetings were mandatory, in person, and 1:1. Eeek!

    Indeed the ax fell upon all four of them, plus a number more (I still don’t know who all was let go).

    On one hand, I am very grateful that I still have a job and that I wasn’t on the “lay off” list. On the other hand, I know this means that there will be more work for the rest of us to do. Most importantly, a bunch of my friends are now jobless through no fault of their own. Sucks. And despite my company’s insistence that “the company is strong” and that it was the only round of cuts planned at the “rah-rah!” meeting the next day, I can’t help but to wonder if there is a giant target painted on my back now.

    I knew I was going into a few crazy projects even without this, but now I think I’m simultaneously juggling more clients than I have ever juggled at this job… all with pressing deadlines, of course.

    I had harbored fantasies of calling in sick on my birthday, but I can’t really afford to lose the hours for work that needs to be delivered this week and in the coming 3 weeks. (And now, sadly, I really do feel like I’m getting sick!)

    So forgive me again for the blog silence. I will try to pop my head out every so often and say hi. Until then, it’s just links & twitters, I think…

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