Twitter Updates for 2008-11-14

  • Audio chatting with @scrivener over gmail chat while he is typing back to me over IM… :) #
  • @goddessEos Will definitely do! I haven’t been back in OC for ages! #
  • Done audio chatting with @scrivener. Thanks for the chat!!! #
  • Eating frozen grapes. Yum! #
  • @scrivener I hope you’re feeling better soon! Ice cream cures all! #
  • @scrivener Yay! Feel better so I can bug you some more! #
  • @orangehairedboy Wow. Hot date, then fun in the park???!!! #
  • @orangehairedboy Do voyeurs like me get any details? I live a boring life so I must rely on living vicariously through my exciting friends! #
  • Was reminded that I received a web cam for graduation. Testing it out now, even though I’m not camera ready. #
  • I just realize that the reason the webcam driver wasn’t installing was because it doesn’t support Vista. Downloading from a Japanese site. #
  • Gah! Japanese Vista driver didn’t work! Now trying to install on my WinXP machine. But wtf is wrong w/ my DVD drive? It’s not opening! Gah! #
  • @dmarmor Thanks for the video chat! Night night! #
  • My mom just called me to complain about someone who didn’t have manners. She said it was a bad “kimochi” thing. #
  • Not sure if the ppl who have been digging up our front lawn to install new sprinklers are going to turn off the water, as previously rumored #
  • @mobtek I had my quotation marks in the wrong place. My mom actually said “bad kimochi.” I thought it was funny the way she said that! #
  • Eating applesauce out of a jar but keep dropping some on my shirt. Damn, I need to wear a bib! #
  • @weskimcom Hey sorry I missed you earlier. I’m around now if you want to video chat with me and see my applesauce stained shirt! #

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