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Twitter Updates for 2008-11-08

  • @wendelldotme It wasn’t me, I swear! #
  • @JPhilipson Are you staying in LA? #
  • @muckdog Yes I have an iPhone (1st generation). And I do like it, but I don’t love it; the AT&T phone reception is crap. #
  • Dinner at El Cholo; Had A Taste Of History: Black Creek Cheddar Cheese Enchilada, Rolled Beef Taco, Chile Relleno & Roasted Pork Tamale #
  • @JunLoayza No, the El Cholo on Western! #
  • @danielphillip Make me a Cosmo?! #
  • yelping… El Cholo (4)/5) on Yelp.com: I hadn’t been to this El Cholo in 7-8 years, so it wa.. http://tinyurl.com/68mtek #
  • Say it ain’t so! Pushing Daisies canceled?! Noooo! http://defamer.com/5080094/ #
  • Lunch at bld #

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