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Twitter Updates for 2008-11-30

  • yelping… Blue Ocean Seafood Restaurant (4/5) on In honor of my birthday and also .. #
  • Need sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! #
  • Watched Quantum of Solace with Mom this afternoon. Mom’s reaction? “Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and Pierce Brosnan are all better Bonds!” #

Twitter Updates for 2008-11-29

  • OMG. Still so stuffed! #
  • @tweetarded I guess you’re the expert on what a munchkin’s penis looks like after thorough use, so I’ll just have to take your word on it! in reply to tweetarded #
  • Getting ready to go home. Got a belated birthday present from my bro and his gf… a new webcam & mic! #
  • @scrivener I think it’s been 5 years since the last time I did a Friday 5 in reply to scrivener #
  • Home! I missed home very much! #
  • I know I might have to give my Girl Card but I hate shopping. #

Twitter Updates for 2008-11-28

  • Spending the night at my Auntie & Uncle’s house. IMing my cousin in the other room to see if I can borrow some toothpaste. Weird. #
  • @RamenGrrl How come you don’t answer the phone when I call?!?!?! in reply to RamenGrrl #
  • Slept well at my Aunt & Uncle’s place, but I woke up with a headache. Doh. Where’s the aspirin? #
  • Yay Thanksgiving! Grateful for so much this year and every year! #
  • Damn where is my bottle of “sketchy” Excedrin when I need it?! #
  • I used to carry a bottle of Excedrin in my purse, but the label fell off, so I just wrote “Excedrin” across the bottle using a Sharpie. #
  • One day, we were working on a team project, my classmate asked me if I had any aspirin & I gave him my bottle with “Excedrin” scrawled on it #
  • He looked at me quizzically and said, “I don’t know, Joz. This looks a little sketchy to me.” #
  • @mikeprasad Hey Mike, @KogiBBQ sounds awesome! I would definitely be interested in the tweetup! in reply to mikeprasad #
  • @goddessEos I want your deviled eggs recipe! in reply to goddessEos #
  • I think I must LOOK tired. Everyone keeps telling me to “take it easy” #

Twitter Updates for 2008-11-27

Twitter Updates for 2008-11-26

Twitter Updates for 2008-11-25

  • @faboomama I smelled like meat all day today, too! That KBBQ stuff lingers, don’t it?! in reply to faboomama #
  • WTH? It is FREEZING COLD in our house tonight!? Wasn’t it just like 90 degrees out a couple days ago? Time to find our heavy comforter! #
  • Looking for a date or two to be my +1 at various events next month. Please inquire within. (And phooey to Yoshi for leaving me dateless!) #
  • @katrua Ok, it’s in the 60s, but that I was puttering around in a tank and shorts, it was freezing cold! PS-You have a better view than I do in reply to katrua #
  • Yoshi says its “karma kicking my ass” for thinking about calling in sick on birthday. Except now I really might be sick. *sniffle* #
  • @Ambiggity Yes, dates can be girls or guys. Equal opportunity dater! Unfortunately, anyone who has gone out w/ me knows I don’t put out, tho in reply to Ambiggity #
  • @missrogue MEAT? in reply to missrogue #

links for 2008-11-25

links for 2008-11-25

Another celebration of my 27th birthday!

Since I’m not really good at remembering how old I am, I decided I’d just give up and just say “27” whenever anyone asked me my age. (By the way, where are people’s manners?! Didn’t they learn that it’s rude to ask a lady’s age?!)

The funny thing is that I actually started lying about my age BEFORE I hit 27. Anyway, it’s been more than 5 years since I’ve started keeping this blog and I thought it would be fun to go through the posts year by year.

That was a bad idea.

  • 2003: Check out the crappy digital photo of me at my decorated desk!
  • 2004: Photo of me and my grandpa; pictures of generous birthday presents received in 2003
  • 2005: Guessing by the context of the post, I think my birthday fell on Thanksgiving that year. My birthday was the day after Thanksgiving that year. That year, I played poker with my cousins and won!
  • 2006: I got a puppy* for my birthday!
  • 2007: Me admitting that 27 was “again”
  • Anyway, I am not up for taking a picture right now, so I picked out a silly picture from earlier this summer (I call them the “blotchy” months. Don’t know why my skin was so bad this summer). Our wonderful upstairs neighbors don’t eat bread and brought down this giant loaf of homemade bread their friends had left for them.

    Of course, I took the loaf of bread. Not so much to eat it, but rather because I thought it looked like a giant cupcake. Heh.

    Joz & the giant cupcake

    What to you think?

    PS – I don’t waste food. I ate about half the loaf and then shared it with my Mom & Bro. This picture was taken at Grandma’s place, just a few weeks after she’d passed away.

    *What? It’s a puppy!

    Yummy persimmons from Mom’s tree

    Grown and picked with love from Mom and the Bro!

    Buddha Spock! (Or is it Spock Buddha?!)

    No matter, you get the drift.

    Did you know Spock was Buddhist?

    (Seen on the website for the Equator Cafe)

    Last week was crazy

    Pardon me for the blog silence.

    I’m crazy busy these days… worse than usual, it seems.

    Last week a bunch of my friends at work got laid off. I kind of knew it was coming because I had called in sick on Tuesday since I’d been having trouble breathing due to the crazy fires (Sayre, Triangle fires) happening all over So Cal. Then I made the mistake of getting up and checking my messages and I noticed that 4 of my friends IMed me within half an hour with a similar question:

    “Did you get an in-person one-on-one scheduled at company headquarters?”

    Um… no…

    But I figured it couldn’t be a coincidence that they were all getting call in, and that the meetings were mandatory, in person, and 1:1. Eeek!

    Indeed the ax fell upon all four of them, plus a number more (I still don’t know who all was let go).

    On one hand, I am very grateful that I still have a job and that I wasn’t on the “lay off” list. On the other hand, I know this means that there will be more work for the rest of us to do. Most importantly, a bunch of my friends are now jobless through no fault of their own. Sucks. And despite my company’s insistence that “the company is strong” and that it was the only round of cuts planned at the “rah-rah!” meeting the next day, I can’t help but to wonder if there is a giant target painted on my back now.

    I knew I was going into a few crazy projects even without this, but now I think I’m simultaneously juggling more clients than I have ever juggled at this job… all with pressing deadlines, of course.

    I had harbored fantasies of calling in sick on my birthday, but I can’t really afford to lose the hours for work that needs to be delivered this week and in the coming 3 weeks. (And now, sadly, I really do feel like I’m getting sick!)

    So forgive me again for the blog silence. I will try to pop my head out every so often and say hi. Until then, it’s just links & twitters, I think…

    Twitter Updates for 2008-11-24

    • I need more weekend in a big way. #

    Twitter Updates for 2008-11-23

    • What is up with the 90+ degree weather today? I walked out of my house for a meeting and it was 92 degrees outside. Late November, really? #
    • 2am and I am wide awake. WTF. I was sooooooooo tired from an exhausting week, too! #
    • This is ridiculous. It is almost 5am and I still am wide awake. What gives? #
    • @jrnoded Happy 39th Anniversary! Have fun at WDW! Say hi to Mickey for me! in reply to jrnoded #
    • @lancearmstrong Morning’. Been up all night. Insomnia sucks. in reply to lancearmstrong #
    • @goodforyoursoul I was up all night! It was about 6:30am by the time I finally fell asleep on the couch. I woke up around 9:30am! Yikes!! in reply to goodforyoursoul #
    • yelping… NRN Cafe (2/5) on NRN Noodle probably should be a one-star place, but I’.. #
    • Had AYCE Korean BBQ for dinner. I smell like meat! It is coming out of my pores! #

    The wedding we’re attending this weekend (and my post-election thoughts on Prop 8)*

    The passage of Prop 8 crushed something inside me.

    On the night of the election, I cried tears of joy to see Barack Obama elected as the 44th President of the United States. I remember being in grade school and asking “Will a woman ever be President? Will a black man ever be President?” My teacher said, “Someday, maybe.” Until recently, I didn’t dare to dream that “someday” could possibly be now.

    Then I made the mistake of watching the returns on Prop 8 and saw that YES was winning.

    I had been keeping my friends updated on the latest results over Twitter and the tide wasn’t turning in our favor. I was a mess by the time midnight rolled around and I forced myself to get ready for bed.

    When I woke up in the morning, the worst had (pretty much) been confirmed. I literally burst into tears at the news.

    We had lost. With the passage of Prop 8, what was crushed inside me was the belief that our state was ready to wipe out inequality for gays and lesbians. I thought that if it could happen in Massachusetts, if it could happen in Connecticut, if it could happen in half a dozen countries around the world, then our state of California could be tolerant enough to acknowledge that same-sex couples deserve to have the same rights are opposite-sex couples.

    Over this summer, I had the honor of attending several same-sex weddings. Although these weddings weren’t the first gay/lesbian weddings that I had ever attended, they were the first that I’d attended here in Los Angeles. (In 2004, I had been lucky enough to witness TWO lesbian weddings of dear friends who had gotten married in Quebec, on a side trip we took while on a tour to Montreal.)

    When we gathered to celebrate Doreen & Mona’s** wedding this past July, I got literally chills (even though it was about 95 degrees that day) when I heard the words, “…by the power vested in me by the State of California, I now pronounce you partners for life.” I had hoped that this “someday” for this would come to us in California, and when it came earlier this year, I was ecstatic.

    I was overjoyed to see Doreen & Mona celebrate their 30th anniversary of being together AND get legally married at the same occasion.

    I was overjoyed to see Heidi & Paula recite their vows with their daughter and son standing beside them; this loving family finally legally bound by renewing the vows they had previous cited to each other 11 years ago; only that time the vows were symbolic, but not legally binding.

    I was overjoyed to hear the news that so many of our gay and lesbian friends were getting married; now they could finally have the same rights that everyone else had.

    But now, with Prop 8, the following words have been added to our state constitution:
    “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.”

    These words not only disallow gay and lesbian couples from getting married in the future, but also throws into doubt the standings of thousands of unions which were legalized earlier this year.

    So this weekend, we will happily attend the wedding of Dani & Neal, but it serves as a stark reminder of how unfair those 14 words in our constitution are. Dani was a classmate of mine in business school; she met Neal around the time that our program started and by the time we graduated, they were engaged. Dani & Neal are a beautiful couple (who, for the record, oppose Prop 8). But they are lucky because they are a straight couple.

    They had the luxury of having an engagement that lasted for well over a year because it was legal for them to get married at any time.

    They didn’t have to plan their wedding before November 4, just in case that right was going to get snatched away from them.

    And once they get married this weekend, they don’t have to worry if the state will invalidate their union.

    I want Dani & Neal to have a wonderful life together. I am so excited for them as they embark on this next chapter of their shared lives.

    So, I don’t understand why it should be different for my friends who love people of the same gender as themselves.

    I don’t understand why equal protection applies to everyone but gays and lesbians.

    I don’t understand why gays and lesbians threaten “the sanctity of marriage” when many same-sex relationships are happier and healthier than straight ones.

    So while I will have outwardly be having a wonderful time at what I’m sure will be a beautiful wedding, and be happy to be reunited with my old business school friends, I will be privately harboring some deep pain over this inequity. If those 14 words are not stricken from our constitution, I will never be able to fully enjoy a wedding knowing that so many of my friends and loved ones legally cannot have the same joy.

    While we’ve taken some punches in the last couple of weeks, I am not going to let hate win. I want love to win.

    So if you believe in love, join us.

    Join us… in fighting inequality with tolerance, not by blaming the other side or those who are perceived to be at fault for passing Prop 8. The fight to defeat Prop 8 failed, but we don’t have to fail again if we come together, stand together, fight together. The only way we will win is by gathering more people on our side.

    Join us… by voting with your pocketbooks, by supporting businesses and companies (like Google and Apple) which stood up for equal rights and by not supporting businesses which paid to take rights away from people. Companies which supported Prop 8 will not get my support until they stand on the side of equality for all. Protest if you feel that this is the way to express yourself, but remember, if they do come our way, then they have joined us and we should support them again.

    Join us… by not allowing our government treat certain groups of people differently in the eyes of the law. Pick up a pen or get on your keyboard and exercise your freedom of speech by writing to the politicians who represent you and ask them to fight for those who have had their rights taken away.

    Prop 8 may have crushed something in me, but only temporarily so.

    Love will heal us. Love will bring us together. Love will guide us. And when we win equality for all, we will give back by honoring love in all its shapes and forms.

    If I have learned anything since grade school, it is that I can dare to dream that “someday” could possibly be now. Will you dare to join us in this dream?

    *This post was actually written Friday, November 14, 2008 and the wedding we attended was on Saturday night, November 15, 2008. It was indeed beautiful. Congratulations to Mr & Mrs. M! I held off on publishing this to see if I had any second thoughts on anything I wrote. It turns out I don’t.

    **Names have been changed.

    Twitter Updates for 2008-11-21

    • @goddessEos Thank you for your invite to Thanksgiving. I think my family is doing the annual gathering, with some tweaks this year… thx! #
    • Exhausting day. Great clients, but they were far away and traffic was a killer! #
    • No themes on gmail for me, thankyouverymuch. It’s Classic View for me. I was kind of mad when everything turned smurfberry blue yesterday. #
    • @muckdog Exactly. You are only allowed to muck with it if you are the muckdog. #
    • @cyn3matic In my non-existent free time, I need to get involved in your non-profit! #
    • Bedtime rapidly approaching. #

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    Twitter Updates for 2008-11-19

    • WTF! My birthday is only a week away!?!?!!? Arrrgh! Where did the year go?! #
    • @cyn3matic Not a Scorpio! #
    • @jc22 Of course I made spam musubi! #
    • @wendelldotme Get it back! Get it back!!! #
    • Entrenched in work. Even though I called in sick to work earlier today, I can’t afford to fall behind, so I’m up now getting caught up. Doh! #

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    Twitter Updates for 2008-11-18

    • I really enjoyed tonight’s episode of Big Bang Theory, esp. the reference to RPSSL:Rock-Paper-Scissors-Spock-Lizard #
    • Finally finished of the last of the can of SPAM I opened yesterday. Now that I’ve satisfied all my curiosities abt it, no need to buy again! #

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    Twitter Updates for 2008-11-17

    • Short-ish day at work. The smoky sky is way doom and gloomy. #
    • Wow. My office is a mess. Will the web cam motivate me to clean this crap up!? (Doubtful.) #
    • Had a 10am call scheduled… still waiting for it to start! #
    • 10am call started at 10:50… and now i’m on hold!!! #
    • And now I’ve been disconnected #
    • Call is done! #
    • I should’ve thought through my plan of making SPAM for lunch. Now my house smells icky and I can’t open my windows/doors to ventlate! Doh! #
    • yelping… Sushi Raku (4)/5) on We came here the other day for a business lunch wit.. #

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    Twitter Updates for 2008-11-16

    • At a wedding. #
    • After wedding, attended a “Fire Party.” Yeah, the hostess felt badly and wondered if it was still appropriate considering the fires today. #
    • My eyes and throat hurt from all the smoke/fires. Air filters going full blast in our house right now. #
    • Heading off to work. This time I’m sure that it’s the right day. #

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    Twitter Updates for 2008-11-15

    • Sadly, persimmon season is almost over. I ate two tonight and am eating a guava now. #
    • @drumgit Welcome home! #
    • @Neilochka Had fun video chatting with you tonight! Night night! #
    • yelping… El Coyote Mexican Cafe (1)/5) on Here’s an updated review, people.

      Alt.. #

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    Twitter Updates for 2008-11-14

    • Audio chatting with @scrivener over gmail chat while he is typing back to me over IM… :) #
    • @goddessEos Will definitely do! I haven’t been back in OC for ages! #
    • Done audio chatting with @scrivener. Thanks for the chat!!! #
    • Eating frozen grapes. Yum! #
    • @scrivener I hope you’re feeling better soon! Ice cream cures all! #
    • @scrivener Yay! Feel better so I can bug you some more! #
    • @orangehairedboy Wow. Hot date, then fun in the park???!!! #
    • @orangehairedboy Do voyeurs like me get any details? I live a boring life so I must rely on living vicariously through my exciting friends! #
    • Was reminded that I received a web cam for graduation. Testing it out now, even though I’m not camera ready. #
    • I just realize that the reason the webcam driver wasn’t installing was because it doesn’t support Vista. Downloading from a Japanese site. #
    • Gah! Japanese Vista driver didn’t work! Now trying to install on my WinXP machine. But wtf is wrong w/ my DVD drive? It’s not opening! Gah! #
    • @dmarmor Thanks for the video chat! Night night! #
    • My mom just called me to complain about someone who didn’t have manners. She said it was a bad “kimochi” thing. #
    • Not sure if the ppl who have been digging up our front lawn to install new sprinklers are going to turn off the water, as previously rumored #
    • @mobtek I had my quotation marks in the wrong place. My mom actually said “bad kimochi.” I thought it was funny the way she said that! #
    • Eating applesauce out of a jar but keep dropping some on my shirt. Damn, I need to wear a bib! #
    • @weskimcom Hey sorry I missed you earlier. I’m around now if you want to video chat with me and see my applesauce stained shirt! #

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