Twitter Updates for 2008-10-29

  • wants to go to Scoops tonight for FLAVORS FOR CHANGE, but is afraid of the crowds. #
  • is not sure why everyone is making fun of me because I think fractals are cool??? #
  • @ernie and @moye I’m MORE amazian than you amazians!!! #
  • @the17thman Hey you! My emails to you are bouncing! #
  • hopes YOU have an AMAZIAN day! #
  • @xenijardin Yipes! #
  • Debating on what to have for lunch #
  • It’s Cobb Salad time! #
  • is a month behind on HEROES and is considering just deleting the unwatched episodes off the Tivo. #
  • has a friend who just got one of these: Anyone else have one and have tips to share for him? #
  • @jc22 I also like meaty salads. I was tempted to get a tuna salad, actually. I guess that would be “fishy.” #
  • wants to smack @stkyrice for saying “Joz has gazongas.” WTF, yo?! #

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