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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-26

  • Home now. I want to nap since #barcampla really took it out of me. But I have soooo much to do… meh. #
  • @faboomama Sorry we didn’t get to talk more today! #
  • @thorpus Are you in Track 1? #
  • @faboomama I can only go back to #barcampla tomorrow if I finish my work tonight… so it’s a maybe… #
  • @SquashBlossom August Rush was totally lame! #
  • @Veeyawn NICE! And I missed that!? #
  • Amused that the power is out at #barcampla ROCK! #
  • @MackReed how many barcampers did it take to figure out the cause of the power outage?! #
  • @dewelch So @mackreed said it took a dozen barcampers to fix the power problem. You say 1… who to believe???!!! #
  • @Underseen Was at barcamp today and picked up your card… don’t think we got to meet tho! #
  • @the17thman haha! Then we kind of met! I think that was so early that I was still coffee-ing up! #
  • @stkyrice Wish I could have been at your 8Asians rock out party dinner boozefest whatever thing #
  • @the17thman Thank you for the comment! So speedy! #
  • @faboomama Daylight Savings is NEXT weekend! #
  • @the17thman The first time today someone mentioned 8Asians was probably me! I hope I’m not annoying you like some other person we mentioned! #
  • @stkyrice Yeah, like I’d believe you guys would get together and not have A LITTLE booze. Sheesh. What do you think I don’t know y’all?! #
  • @drumgit Daylight Savings time is NEXT WEEK!!! One more week! #
  • @the17thman I have NO idea what you are referring to! ;P #
  • @the17thman I was really bad and only did half my work. :( I think I’m going to be a no-show tomorrow. #
  • @skyvan You are cracking me up. Maybe I’ll stay up and do my work instead of sleeping… #
  • @the17thman Oop. I mean YOU are cracking me up now. @skyvan cracked me up DURING one of the presentations today. #
  • Am I getting a second wind??? I think so! Going to try to stay up and finish my work so I can go back tomorrow for #Barcampla part 2! #
  • is a loser and did not finish her work last night, so she cannot return to #barcampla today. On the bright side, I slept in until 10am! #
  • @tanjab Much love to you today. My father also passed away about two years ago and I think about him everyday, too. #
  • @Neilochka Ok, I kind of knew I wasn’t going to finish my work, either. But way to have faith in me, Neil! #
  • @greenlagirl Uck! Yuck! Beets! NO!!!! #

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Tweet of the Day – 10-26-2008

Tweet of the Day - 10-26-2008

Follow up IMs:

joz: omg @ your tweet about that thing about asian am bmi

Ernie: i know.

Ernie: it was like being kicked in my very large belly.

God, I love Ernie.

PS – The tinyurl points to an article with the headline “Asian American? You may be fatter than you think!”

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