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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-25

  • Fell asleep on the couch; awakened by Mom on phone who started yelling @ me. When I yelled back at her, she’s like “why are you so loud?” #
  • It turned out she couldn’t hear so she was yelling. Couldn’t figure out why I was mad she woke me up and started yelling at me. #
  • Was so happy to meet @cyn3matic at lunch on Friday! #
  • at @barcampla. Coffee good. #
  • @weskimcom Yeah! It was SO GREAT to meet @cyn3matic yesterday. Total fluke, but I feel so lucky to have met her! #
  • @jasoncalacanis Thanks for the space! It rocks and there are a ton of ppl here! #
  • First session #bcla #
  • Messing up Tanja’s live stream #barcampla http://www.ustream.tv/channel/barcampla6 (in the shot) #
  • listening to @jasoncalacanis talk about the economy in a “death spiral” Happy talk! #
  • Yes, you’re right, @dewelch I should’ve mentioned that the “death spiral” isn’t necessarily a bad thing for the tech industry,says Calacanis #
  • I’m at 902 Colorado Ave (902 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401, USA) – http://bkite.com/020D6 #
  • @dewelch and @skyvan Keep your hands to yourselves! #
  • @dewelch just POKED me! I don’t know WHERE that finger has been!!! #
  • I swear I am listening to the session here that @jasoncalacanis is doing. I blame @dewelch for all the distraction. :P #
  • @dewelch If you’re going to dance, let’s make sure the cameras are pointed at you! #
  • Refusing to give up my seat. Listening to whatever is in Track 1 #bcla today. Speakers, come to me. #
  • @skyvan I can barely SPELL multithreading! #
  • This is what I’ve got: The first rule of synchronization is that you don’t talk about synchronization. Oh wait, that’s the Fight Club. Doh. #
  • leaving #barcampla. Rock star parking space opening up!!! #

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links for 2008-10-25

I went to BarCampLA6 today

at Mahalo HQ in Santa Monica. (BarCampLA6 info here)

And I claimed my seat, not realizing I was in the way of Tanjab’s livestream.

So someone (Scrivener) accused me being a camera hog.

Joz waves on Tanjab's livestream at BarCampLA6

Joz says HI to Scrivener and PodCampHawaii from BarCampLA6!

Joz on Tanjab's livestream at BarCampLA6

Who me? A camera hog?

I have NO IDEA why he would call me that! The nerve!!!

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