Does anyone miss me?

I know it seems like I’ve forgotten how to write a blog post, but if you’ve been reading the Twitter updates, then you see I’ve been running around like crazy.

So, in lieu of a “real” blog post, I’m going to do a marketing survey* to see if I haven’t driven all my readers away with all the blog neglect. Please leave comments so I know you’re still paying attention, please. (If you don’t want to answer the questions, just leave me any old comment, because now I’m just blatantly whoring for them. And we really need to end this sad, sad scene.)

1) Do you visit my site directly (click a link/bookmark/type in URL), follow via RSS, or some other method (what method would that be? telepathy?)?

2) If you visit my site, is it too ugly for words? What would you like to see on it to make it more visually appealing?

3) If you follow via RSS feed, do you hate the “excerpted” feed? Would you rather see a full feed? If I had a full feed would you be more/less likely to leave comments?

4) Why don’t you leave comments, dammit?! Must you make me beg for them?

5) If you had any suggestions for my blog, what are they and can you help me implement anything that takes time, energy or effort?

*Not a scientific survey

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17 Responses to “Does anyone miss me?”

  • Bring back the eggplant!

  • 1. telepathy – or is that telephony?
    2. too much white space?
    3. n/a
    4. I am an ass
    5. more sex, drugs and rock and roll

  • Yes we missed you. I have you book marked. I’d be selfish if I told you to go back to filling us in with your glorious prose as I do understand your dance card has been way to full this year. Just a little every now and then? maybe? please?

  • 1) Directly
    2) As long as you don’t use those scary clowns again it will be okay.
    3) I never remember to check my RSS feeds.
    4) Beg would be nice. A warm chocolate cake would work too.
    5) More pictures of tools. Yoshi and I love tools.

  • Present and accounted for– I usually read through Bloglines or Google Reader, and I can unequivocally tell you that I hate the excerpts. Most of the time when I read it’s on my Blackberry when I’m marking time during a show, so it’s easier to pull up the feed from Bloglines without the peripheral stuff. And most of the time I’d rather not pull up the actual page just to read because it’s one more step in the process. That being said, when I read, I’m more likely to come over and comment if I’ve been drawn in with access to the whole entry, and if it’s an entry not a Twitter aggregate (in which case I’d just @ you back anyway.) Still love the layout and general setup of the site. Does that help?

  • i’m glad you’re back home safe!

    i don’t like the excerpted feed. i like reading everything in my reader. like what sassy says above. but i think everything is perfect. :)

  • Yes you are missed.
    1. i visit jozworld directly
    2. no, not too ugly for words
    3. not applicable
    4. i think you have a core group of commenters that are pretty regular… hard to comment on twitter things and yelp things, easier to comment on real entries.
    5. suggestions… hmmm…. i don’t know. maybe put up some wacky pictures of professor eric. that would certainly generate controversy

    Hope I get to see you this weekend!

  • 1) RSS (Radioactive Spider Sense)

    2) Nude photos if you have ’em, but if not, then war kittens.

    3) I prefer to see all of your words at once, but I never leave comments. This is a manifesto.

    4) To make you beg for them.

    5) I wish it served nonfat, sugar-free vanilla lattes, but other than that, it’s perfect. Like you. Only in two dimensions.

  • I read through Feedly.
    Your adorable face. Truly. WITH glasses.:)
    FULL feed.
    BEG. Come on. Do it.
    Suggestions for solving all MY problems. heh. jokes R us.

  • I read through a direct link on my blog. Yes, I click and click looking for updates and have been disappointed. Not too ugly for me! No need to beg for comments. I only leave them when I have some thing to say or add. I’ll be back, I am not giving up yet. :)

  • 1) Google Reader

    2) Nope, looks clean & simple to me.

    3) I prefer full feeds and having that has no bearing on whether or not I comment. It may make me more likely to do so.

    4) A lot of your posts have been Twitter updates, which is fine, but since I follow you on Twitter, I’m not necessarily going to click over to those posts. In truth, I’ve been pretty bad about reading and/or commmenting on ANYONE’s blog lately. It’s not you, it’s me.

    5)More cowbell.

  • 1) Directomundo

    2) Look ‘n feel is fine.

    3) Full feeds

    4) Yeah the twittering postesses are redundant since I follow your updates on my iphone

    5) More posts about unknown invasive bugs that terrify you and make you want to launch nukes. but are really just mostly harmless. Mostly. At least the ones I can swoop in as AnswerMan and uh, answer, man.

  • If you’ve been too busy to write blog posts, I’ve been too lazy/busy to read them! Seriously, i check my bloglines like once a month, so it’s not just your blog i’m neglecting. Plus, we see each other all the time on twitter now, which is kinda becoming me and my friends’ mini-blogs ;)

  • I tend to real you on the facebook and on your website. sometime i’m not sure why, but i do. don’t worry the busy thing happens and we all understand that. i just with people would understand laziness.

  • 1. I surf directly to your world-famous webpage at least once a week. Or is that more like once a month?
    2. Ugly? Heck no. Sometimes simple is better. I like this.
    3. N/A (North America?) I use a browser and surf the web.
    4. I do leave comments at least once a month. I think.
    5. Time, energy, effort? Good gosh woman, I’m not Superman. ;^)

    p.s.: Hope to see you one evening in another week. Please attempt to make some small amount of time. Or invite me to whatever you’re doing, if it’s not a problem. 8^D

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