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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-22

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Does anyone miss me?

I know it seems like I’ve forgotten how to write a blog post, but if you’ve been reading the Twitter updates, then you see I’ve been running around like crazy.

So, in lieu of a “real” blog post, I’m going to do a marketing survey* to see if I haven’t driven all my readers away with all the blog neglect. Please leave comments so I know you’re still paying attention, please. (If you don’t want to answer the questions, just leave me any old comment, because now I’m just blatantly whoring for them. And we really need to end this sad, sad scene.)

1) Do you visit my site directly (click a link/bookmark/type in URL), follow via RSS, or some other method (what method would that be? telepathy?)?

2) If you visit my site, is it too ugly for words? What would you like to see on it to make it more visually appealing?

3) If you follow via RSS feed, do you hate the “excerpted” feed? Would you rather see a full feed? If I had a full feed would you be more/less likely to leave comments?

4) Why don’t you leave comments, dammit?! Must you make me beg for them?

5) If you had any suggestions for my blog, what are they and can you help me implement anything that takes time, energy or effort?

*Not a scientific survey

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