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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-18

  • is sad that I didn’t get to have more free time this week in Honolulu. #
  • @scrivener I have a few free hours before I have to hop on the plane. What should I do??? #
  • @AiYahhHowie Safe travels! Say hi to Efi for me!!! #
  • @MackReed. I’m rooting for our team!!! Whoo! Have a great time at Trivia Bowl!!! #
  • @scrivener I just starting walking and am near the Hard Rock. I need to be back at my hotel by 7:30ish #
  • Omg. Crazy. Was crossing Kapiolani and ran into Sophie. Just met her two nights ago. #
  • @scrivener what’s it called? #
  • Thx! @pineapplejuice and @scrivener gonna see if I can check them out. #
  • walked around Waikiki and sitting in the food court at Ala Moana Center having a quick bite while hoping my hiccups go away. #
  • cheering on Team LA Metblogs at the AAJA Trivia Bowl in LA. Thx for the updates @MackReed and @edpadgett #
  • @dote I *heart* L.A.!!! #
  • Trip to Honolulu almost over. About to head back to my hotel and pick up my luggage before heading to the airport. #
  • Anxiously awaiting final Trivia Bowl standing and winner from @MackReed #
  • @Bytemarks I think this has been one of the best business trips I have ever taken! I am so glad to have met so many awesome people here!!! #
  • Thx @wendelldotme for those characters but no cut/paste on iPhone #
  • Yeah! @scrivener It would have been great to stay the weekend or wander outside of a one mile radius of my hotel!!! #
  • In the cab heading for the airport. Until next time, Honolulu!!! #
  • Whoo hoo! Sitting at my gate. Got through security line in record time due to free first class upgrade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #
  • @mackreed thanks for the updates! hope you all had fun. say thx to darleene too! #
  • first class rocks! boarded plane first (after wheelchair people) but someone here steeeeenky! #
  • note: stinky person on plane is NOT me. #
  • Thx @NctrnlBest I regret not ordering dessert at Longhi’s the night I arrived!!! #
  • whoo! @nctrnlbest that would rock but i would prefer a chance to hang out again! #
  • Definitely not my imagination. I think the guy next to me has some serious b.o. funk… ewwwwwwwwww #
  • Dammit! It has been almost a year since I got to fly first class and it will be marred by el stinko. Anyone got a clothespin for my nose? #
  • you are so right @nctrnlbst i shoulda had the mai tai #
  • full flight. and first class aint that big #
  • time to turn my phone off! you’ll hear from me next when i’m in LA #
  • just landed at lax and taxiing to the gate. Barely slept and looking forward to a breath of fresh LA air. I’m not kidding, yo. #
  • I am sad to report that Smelly Man still smells. #
  • Yay! Landed and breathing normally once again! #
  • @wildbell have a great walk! just landed #
  • Home sweet home! About to shower and catch some zzz’s. Have a bridal shower to attend at noon. #
  • WTF. I only slept on my flight 1-2 hours max. Why am I wide awake?!?! #
  • Trying to wake up and get to that bridal shower. a #
  • already late #

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