Total schmuck

I had a lunch date today with a friend from business school that I hadn’t seen since he graduated. It took us like a month to figure out a date.

And it wasn’t in my calendar, so I didn’t show up. In my defense, even if I hadn’t totally forgotten, I would have been on a conference call for work at that time anyway.

But damn. What a flake.

He emailed me at 11:30 to see if we were still on. I was supposed to meet him where he works (on the lot at Disney) at like 12:45.

At 1:30, I got off my call and saw his email… DOH!

I replied immediately for being such a flake, but he has at lunch by then and I didn’t hear from him until a couple of hours later:

Word. I’m a total flake, so it’s hard for me to get upset. BUT, I do blame you for the crappy salad I ended up eating. I think the egg in it was…well, not good.

Whew! He’s not mad! So here was my response:

Does it make you feel any better that I haven’t had lunch yet? I ate 3 oatmeal raisin cookies, but they weren’t that good because they were from a burned batch that I made last night. I guess that’s just partial punishment for flaking on you… that and getting blamed for your egg-induced dysentery. (Feel better!) Anyway, thanks for understanding and so sorry about today.

Etc, etc, blah, blah.

For the record, I finally put some leftovers in the microwave, but I was so delirious that I forgot about the food until Yoshi came home and saw that I’d left something inside.

Yoshi made me sit down and eat and we watched some parts of Karate Kid I and II on TV before we did some cleaning up in the kitchen. Then I popped in a DVD of Mean Girls (which I had never seen) and watched the entire movie + all the featurettes.

Psst to ProfessorEric: I know it was late last night when you got done, but you should have stopped by. You could have had some freshly baked oatmeal raisin cookies… they’re almost all gone now!

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