Daily Archive for September 3rd, 2008

My excitement for the day.

I had an appointment with my allergist today.

It took me 3 weeks to get an appointment to see him, so I was really excited about it.

I know, people should never get this excited about doctor’s appointments. Especially not allergists.

But I was. And I admit it.

So… my doctor has an educated guess as to what’s been ailing me. But I’m not sure he’s right. He’s not sure either. I have officially baffled my allergist.

I don’t think I want the world to know what the doctor thinks, but contrary to popular belief,* I do not have leprosy. I AM NOT A LEPER!!!

Anyway, we are going to try a bunch of things and I get to go back in a month. I’m going to be dropping a bunch of money for a bunch of meds, so hopefully something works.

PS – I never used the categories/tags on my blog very often, but it’s interesting that I have one called “allergic.” Sheesh.

PPS – The other excitement for the day is that I had dinner with work peeps at uWink in Hollywood. I’d been there before, but wasn’t impressed. It was better tonight, but I can’t think of why I’d want to come back for a mediocre experience.

*Popular belief… or maybe just Yoshi

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