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Thinking about my friend, Marc Farjeon

Joz - Rad Asians 2001

This photo was taken by my long-time friend Marc Farjeon, who passed away recently. I just heard this news tonight.

In 2001, I was part of a performance art workshop led by Denise Uyehara. In the piece I wrote and performed, my waist length hair and a hairbrush were my props.

Marc was an avid photographer who would frequent political events and rallies, but that night, he was in our audience and took pictures of our performance. This is one of the few pictures of me with my hair down.

My head is spinning right now from the news about Marc. I’m grateful that Jim B, my friend who introduced me to him, remembered to call me and let me know.

I need sleep. I have a full day tomorrow and now am going to find a way to attend at least part of a memorial gathering for Marc.

Here are a few sites with photos that Marc took:

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Oh right. I have a thing called a blog and I’m supposed to update it once in a while…

Last week, all week during the day: Working at New Business Client ,U guess the company.

Last week, Tuesday, 9/16: Dinner in California Roll & Sushi with GP

Last week, Wednesday, 9/17: Dinner at Surya with my cousin TJ2. He gave me a belated graduation present! A limited edition 8GB 4th generation iPod nano! Whoo!

Last week, Thursday, 9/18: Dinner at Larchmont Grill with Yoshi, Sharky & Doetzi. Dessert at Crumbs and Pinkberry on Larchmont. (Bittersweet news… Sharky & Doetzi are moving to Baltimore… but Doetzi has a new kick ass position waiting for her out there)

Last week, Friday, 9/19: Supposed to go to our friend Liz’s going away party at her place in Hollywood. Liz is moving to NYC. But Yoshi was having a major allergy attack, we stayed home instead

Last weekend, Saturday, 9/20: Family stuff most of the day. Final chanting service for my Grandma. Also was the 8th anniversary of the passing of my Grandpa’s sister. Visited the resting places for both Grandmas, Grandpa, Dad and other family members, including my cousin LL’s Grandma.

Last weekend, Sunday, 9/21: Worked at the auction house for their Natural History Sale. Sunday night: I can’t remember. Oh I remember now… date night with Yoshi! Shopping, dinner, and a movie at the Century City Mall. Movie seen: Burn After Reading. George Clooney is the yum, but Brad Pitt steals the show.

Monday, 9/22: “Food, fun, ‘fros, and farewell to Liz!” party at our place. Since we didn’t get to see Lizzy off on Friday, we had some folks over for a smaller get together. And since Liz is the lovely lady who keeps my locks in check, she gave me and teebubble haircuts after dinner and while the rest of the group was Rockbanding. (Hence, the “‘fros” part of the event title… I tried to find a more appropriate “F” word for hair… but came up empty. But I win at the alliteration!)

What do you think of my new haircut?
Attempting to take a better picture of my new haircut

I took a different picture last night, but I didn’t like it that much.

Today, 9/23: Speakeasy Night at the Edison in Downtown LA. Organized by the fabulous Caroline on Crack, and accompanied by the effervescent Moye of Chopstix, 8Asians and fame. Also in attendance, the ever-awesome Tony Pierce, the lovely Travis Koplow, the ecofriendly Siel, DigLounge, Marni, Tobi, Fiona, Sam, Sarah, Esther, and a bunch of other people I’m going to have to look up when I get a moment. Vintage cocktail: English Afterthought ($14!). And tonight was a special night… cabaret something or other was happening.

Whew! There’s a round up of as many blogworthy things I can remember.

See? I’ve been busy! That’s why my blog has been neglected for so long…

Been really busy, so here’s something to “Tide” you over ’til I am less busy…

Har har! Get it?! “Tide” you over?!?!?

I know this Tide To Go “stain” commercial is old (Super Bowl 2008), but I just saw it on TV recently and could not stop laughing at it.

You can even go to and make a stain of yourself. For realz!

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Color Hue Test

I got a score of 11. (Meh. I was tired.)

Kara got a 4!

What did you get?!

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Farewell trusty HP 12c Financial Calculator!

It’s time to say goodbye to one of the best things I picked up while getting my MBA… my HP 12c ABA financial calculator. (Sigh.) This is a great calculator… but silly enough, I later ended up picking up a second financial calculator (a Texas Instruments Financial Calculator) which cost less and was the one that my finance professor used in class. I tried to keep up using the HP, but he went so fast, it was hard to keep up on the keystrokes with the HP (you enter information into the HP differently than the TI).

Anyway, I have no need for two financial calculators and since the TI is more practical for me, I’m listing my trusty HP12c on Amazon for sale.

Of course, I had to write up the item description joz-style. So here it is:

I used this calculator for two classes in business school and I got As in both classes! Thank you magic HP calculator! It works great and I’m going to miss it, but I have a second financial calculator that suits me slightly better. No defects or scratches, in like new condition. Comes with original pouch and the ever-important user guide/manual. Fast shipping!

Farewell, my trusty HP 12c! May you serve another business student/professional well!

UPDATE: It sold in less than 12 hours.

Total schmuck

I had a lunch date today with a friend from business school that I hadn’t seen since he graduated. It took us like a month to figure out a date.

And it wasn’t in my calendar, so I didn’t show up. In my defense, even if I hadn’t totally forgotten, I would have been on a conference call for work at that time anyway.

But damn. What a flake.

He emailed me at 11:30 to see if we were still on. I was supposed to meet him where he works (on the lot at Disney) at like 12:45.

At 1:30, I got off my call and saw his email… DOH!

I replied immediately for being such a flake, but he has at lunch by then and I didn’t hear from him until a couple of hours later:

Word. I’m a total flake, so it’s hard for me to get upset. BUT, I do blame you for the crappy salad I ended up eating. I think the egg in it was…well, not good.

Whew! He’s not mad! So here was my response:

Does it make you feel any better that I haven’t had lunch yet? I ate 3 oatmeal raisin cookies, but they weren’t that good because they were from a burned batch that I made last night. I guess that’s just partial punishment for flaking on you… that and getting blamed for your egg-induced dysentery. (Feel better!) Anyway, thanks for understanding and so sorry about today.

Etc, etc, blah, blah.

For the record, I finally put some leftovers in the microwave, but I was so delirious that I forgot about the food until Yoshi came home and saw that I’d left something inside.

Yoshi made me sit down and eat and we watched some parts of Karate Kid I and II on TV before we did some cleaning up in the kitchen. Then I popped in a DVD of Mean Girls (which I had never seen) and watched the entire movie + all the featurettes.

Psst to ProfessorEric: I know it was late last night when you got done, but you should have stopped by. You could have had some freshly baked oatmeal raisin cookies… they’re almost all gone now!

Now with an exclamation point!

As usual, my friends are right. Thank you, darlin’ professoreric.

It definitely is better with the exclamation!

What do you think?!

9/9: “Forever” in Chinese

Today is 9/9.

Even though the luckiest number is 8, 9 is pretty lucky, too. In Chinese, the double nine is pronounced the same as the word to signify “forever”, both are “Jiu Jiu.”

The number nine is fairly lucky, because it sounds like the word for ‘a long time’, and is hence associated with longevity. Every year the 9th of September (9/9) is the day for the ‘Old People’s Festival’, just like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, but specifically for old people. [more on Lucky Numbers]

In short, today was an important day.

It was an important day also because the special two-disc FORBDIDEN KINGDOM DVD came out today!

It includes:

  • The Kung Fu Dream Team- the historical airing of Jackie Chan and Jet Li
  • The Dangerous Beauty- The introduction of Bing Bing Li and Crystal Liu, the two main ladies of FORBIDDEN KINGDOM
  • Filming in ‘Chinawood’- Hollywood-like set in the China-based studio. This special set about 40 miles away from Beijing has physical sets in several different time periods. The production team was able to utilize this to capture the ancient Forbidden Kingdom look!
  • Did you see this in the theaters?!

    I can’t wait to play it at home on projector and watch it on my 100″ screen (ok, it’s a wall with some holes in it. But it’s still pretty cool).

    You know I don’t blog about politics that often.

    But in case you’re wondering where I stand on the upcoming presidential election, maybe this button might give you a clue. (UPDATE: I made a slight revision to the button!)

    And yes, you can purchase this button at the ::jozjozjoz:: cafepress store! (Scroll down to Stickers, Buttons, & Magnets)

    (Thanks, Patrick!)

    Weekend over.



    No new shoes for me

    It was all in my calendar to spend the night waiting in line for Shoe Frenzy, but Yoshi convinced me that:

    1) I don’t need any more shoes
    2) I don’t have any more room for more shoes
    3) I have things I could spend money on other than shoes
    4) Staying up all night for shoes is not a good idea considering I have a jam-packed Saturday ahead of me
    5) I’m not allowed to stay out all night by myself waiting for shoes

    Seeing as I really couldn’t counter any of those arguments, we instead went out to Oiwake in Little Tokyo for dinner and then I came home instead of heading out for shoes.

    Do you remember the heyday of

    I am a lucky girl.

    I have a ton of real life friends who bother to follow my blog to keep up with what’s going on in my life.

    I also have a ton of blogger friends who have become real life friends over time.

    If you have been reading a while, then you might remember my blog back when the vast majority of the world hadn’t even heard the word “blog.” At that time, I had crazy traffic and was a “well-known blogger,” whatever the heck that means.

    Anyway, this was roughly 2004… when I’d already been blogging for more than a year. I was also a different person back then.

    Here are a few random gems from February 2004.

    A ladybug flew in my mouth, and everyone tortures me about how I’m going to die of ladybug toxins:

  • OMG! Can anyone tell me if ladybugs are toxic?
  • oh, the amusement (written by yoshi)
  • (And then I have nightmares about it) GIANT LADYBUGS SERVING UP FRESH JOZJOZJOZ ON A PLATTER!
  • A night out with Yoshi and seeing celebs at a taping:

  • Monday Night Date Night: A Sharon Osbourne Show taping
  • Joz has a gas problem:

  • The gory details of my gas problem
  • More Joz antics:

  • I *did not* break it.
  • Wow, all that seems like it was just yesterday… at the same time, it feels like so long ago… wtf!?

    And holy crap, I used to blog a lot.

    My excitement for the day.

    I had an appointment with my allergist today.

    It took me 3 weeks to get an appointment to see him, so I was really excited about it.

    I know, people should never get this excited about doctor’s appointments. Especially not allergists.

    But I was. And I admit it.

    So… my doctor has an educated guess as to what’s been ailing me. But I’m not sure he’s right. He’s not sure either. I have officially baffled my allergist.

    I don’t think I want the world to know what the doctor thinks, but contrary to popular belief,* I do not have leprosy. I AM NOT A LEPER!!!

    Anyway, we are going to try a bunch of things and I get to go back in a month. I’m going to be dropping a bunch of money for a bunch of meds, so hopefully something works.

    PS – I never used the categories/tags on my blog very often, but it’s interesting that I have one called “allergic.” Sheesh.

    PPS – The other excitement for the day is that I had dinner with work peeps at uWink in Hollywood. I’d been there before, but wasn’t impressed. It was better tonight, but I can’t think of why I’d want to come back for a mediocre experience.

    *Popular belief… or maybe just Yoshi

    That bad thing about not blogging for a month…

    …is that I know I’ll never go back and fill in the blanks as to what I was doing… not even the blogworthy events.

    Truth is, I can only half remember what I was up to… the rest I would have to piece together via my crappy calendar system (Outlook… which doesn’t sync properly to my iPhone for some reason), receipts, and my generally faulty short term memory.

    So, what do you think I was up to for the month of August?

    Happy birthday, Mom

    Today is my Mom’s birthday and we celebrated by taking her up to Santa Barbara for a quick day trip.

    We walked all around together, had lunch together, and then while Yoshi & my bro napped as I was driving home, my Mom and I had a nice conversation in the car.

    This past month has been hard for me, especially dealing with family stuff, but today we left all that behind for a day and just enjoyed a beautiful California day with Mom.

    I love you, Mom!

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