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My Grandma

This morning my Grandma passed away.

I love her very much and am grateful that I have many memories of her as an active, beautiful woman.

One of the traditions my grandparents began was having a formal family portrait taken around their anniversary, December 26. Usually we took the pictures at home via tripod & self-timer, but the picture above is a section from our family portrait done in a professional photo studio one year. I think I’m about 4 years old in this picture and I’m in my Dad’s lap, sitting next to my Grandma & Grandpa. I still remember that night vividly. I especially remember how fascinated I was when the photographer came around with the light meter and I kept asking what he was doing with it. I can’t believe the three people in this picture with me have all passed away.

Twitter Updates for 2008-08-01

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Guess where I am?

I’ll give you a hint.

I’m NOT in L.A.

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