Daily Archive for July 25th, 2008

So wrong on so many levels…

Because I spent a lot of money on my new glasses, I feel the need to fish for compliments in an effort to assuage the guilt.

So I posted the picture on my Facebook profile, got a few compliments, and blatantly hinted for more.

My gay hubby Michael pops in and says:

Love em! Look great on you! I’d even let you stick the tip in!

So I say:

Um. Ew.

Thanks, I think, Michael.

A little later on, I IMed him directly:

me: Just the tip?

him: lol
i’m a top
tip is all i’ll play

me: hahahaha
As long as we both know where the line is drawn

him: lol

me: Gimme a sharpie

him: lol
so gross

Yeah. Don’t mess with me. I can always be grosser than you.

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