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  • One hour of sleep. On the way to LAX. Mexico City here I come! #

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Vacation Day 1: Los Angeles to Mexico City

Stayed up almost all night packing. Went to bed at 2:30and got up at 3:30 to get ready to go out the door. Picked up a fellow traveler at 4am; headed toward the airport and arrived around 5am. Our tour group arrives en masse at LAX Tom Bradley Terminal to the Air Mexicana check-in area.

Breakfast at McD’s (wow! surprisingly few food choices at LAX at 5am!) and go through security. Flight from LAX to Mexico City is 3 hours. 10 minutes: they fed us breakfast! (A burrito or scrambled eggs; I opted for the burrito, but if I’d known they were going to feed us on the plane, I would have skipped the McD’s.) We arrived at Mexico City and cleared customs, but others didn’t make it through so easily. (When you are going through customes, you have to push the red button for your fate! If you push it and the panel turns green, you can go through. But if the panel turns red, they search through all your stuff. Several of our group members got searched.)

Bus ride to our hotel: The NH Centro Historico, just 1 block away from the Zocalo. After checking in, I went wandering the city with AC, but since we didn’t know what there was to see,we ended up walking through the Zocalo and then in circles until we got tired and went back to the hotel. I bought a hat for 40 pesos… or 4 bucks… score!

Our group had dinner together at the restaurant in the hotel where we had tilapia covered in some sort of strange pink sauce. It wasn’t bad, but it was definitely weird.

After dinner, a bunch of us wanted to have some coffee and since the door to the Starbucks connected to our hotel was locked, I declared, “Starbucks is closed!”

So a bunch of us started walking, looking for a cafe to sit down at. After turning down a couple of bars, we happened upon Café El Popular, which was perfect. We had desserts and pastries with our coffee and tea. (I had a Manzanita Sol: apple soda!!! Dammit! Why isn’t there apple soda in the States?!)

After our lovely dinner and coffee, we walked back to our hotel and we unpacked and got ready for Day 2.

Oh, and as it turns out, the Starbucks WASN’T actually closed. But I’m so glad we didn’t go there.

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