The Rice Fairy came and I didn’t even notice

This morning Yoshi woke up and went out the back door to put something on the back porch.

“Why is there rice outside?”


I went outside to look and sure enough, there was a 20 lb. bag of rice sitting on our back porch!

A gift from the Rice Fairy!

How did that get there!?

Then I remembered that this past Sunday, my Mom had stopped by to leave me a bunch of stuff while I was working and left some things back there for me… but because the bag of rice was not in the same area where the other stuff was, I somehow missed it.

Anyway, thanks Rice Fairy… er, I mean MOM!

(And thanks to Yoshi for finding it!)

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1 Response to “The Rice Fairy came and I didn’t even notice”

  • Wow, considering how expensive rice is, I’m surprised no one stole it!

    Well, you do live in a relatively white part of LA too…hehe!

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