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My iPhone burned my feet

I’ve been trying not to complain about it, but I now officially hate my iPhone.

For a while, I had a long love/hate relationship with it. I loved everything about my iPhone… except for the phone part, which I hated.

You see, I’ve had AT&T for a long time and never had problems with reception in my house with my old pink Motorola RAZR.

But once I got my iPhone, people kept complaining about dropped calls, bad reception, or going directly to voicemail when calling me when I was at home. It has gotten so bad, I am using my land line, Yoshi’s T-Mobile cell phone, or my work (Verizon) cell phone instead of my iPhone to talk to people.

WTF is the point of me having my iPhone if I am using every other phone EXCEPT the iPhone!?

Anyway, I got a very important phone call a little while ago and I ran outside to answer the call. (Sometimes if I stand out on the sidewalk near the street, I can get a signal, but people STILL say that I’m cutting in and out).

But I ran outside with no shoes on.

And the darn sun-baked Southern California sidewalk is freakin’ HOT in the middle of the afternoon!

I was running back an forth on the sidewalk… ow! ow! ow! My poor feet!

(I don’t even care what the neighbors must have thought if they saw me running around out there!)

I burned my footsies and I totally blame my iPhone.

When I came back inside Yoshi had no sympathy for me… just some great advice… “WEAR SHOES NEXT TIME!”

(Either I am stubborn or I haven’t learned my lesson yet, but I’m thinking I don’t need to wear shoes… I need my iPhone to work in my house, dammit!!!)

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