Daily Archive for June 5th, 2008

English was not my first language, but that is not why I sound like an idiot sometimes.

Yoshi was reading my post about hanging out with my Mom this evening and is making fun of me because I didn’t edit what I wrote (when do I ever?) and some of what I published made no freakin’ sense whatsoever and sounded like someone who has no grasp of the English language wrote it.

I write run-on sentences because I know the rules and I like to break them, not because I’m stupid.

Sometimes I let my writing get published on my blog with typos because I’m too lazy to proofread.

And lots of times, I write when it’s way past my bedtime and I my fingers aren’t doing what my brain tells them to do.

You can say that I don’t write well for any number of reasons… but don’t say it’s because I don’t know my Engrish. I knows it. Real goood. Me expert!

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